You do realise that you’re drinking history?

The men involved in making what you’re drinking right now are no longer alive…

My friend, a connoisseur of all things extravagantly luxurious tells me as I focus my attention somewhere between the bar tender slowly put away the bottle of Armagnac from 1939 and the realisation that I’m drinking something other than gin & tonic. His comment puts things into perspective and just like that, I can only do one thing, drink the slowest I’ve ever drank a drink before. But this is no ordinary drink, in fact I’m probably insulting the Armagnac Brandy by calling it a drink, so I apologise.

My glass is currently worth £150 and depreciating in value with every sip I take but I’m encouraged to try a cheaper alternative to understand and appreciate the difference.


AdrianaKupresakBlog | Salvatores Bar London

“A  glass of water too for AK…”

The water arrives as promptly as I take a sip of a cheaper version of cognac, then take a sip of water followed by a sip of the 1939 Veuve J. Goudoulin Vintage Armagnac from France and then the cheaper version of cognac again. Wow, what a difference. What exactly do I know about Brandy? Nothing. I treat Hendricks and red wine like a religion, followed by the occasional bottle of Ruinart (I secretly consider Ruinart blanc de blancs the most underrated champagne on the market). What I can tell from the two glasses I’ve just tasted? Apart from the the variations in colour, the Armagnac from 1939 is visibly darker and has a deep and mature taste. Just like a fine wine, this spirit has persevered beautifully over the years. (I say spirit because over many years, an Armagnac is considered to turn from Brandy to spirit. Oh and by the way, an Armagnac is a vintage brandy from south west France).

Claret is the liquor for boys; port for men; but he who aspires to be a hero must drink brandy. Samuel Johnson

Salvatore’s Bar in London is located under the famous Playboy Club and Casino and home to the World’s most expensive cocktail called Salvatore’s Legacy. Along with being the most expensive drink in the world, it’s priced at £5,500, it is also the oldest, with a combined age of 730 years.  The bar is named after original cocktail Maestro, Salvatore Calabrese who broke the Guinness World Record for most expensive cocktail in 2011 and still holds the title to this day.

AdrianaKupresakBlog | Salvatores Bar London

A sophisticated and swanky venue in the heart of London’s Mayfair Millionaire District, Salvatore’s Bar will charm you from the moment you step past the ‘museum cabinet’ which contains more than £1Million worth of vintage cognacs. I had my eye on one from 1796…. and it could have been mine for a lousy £5,000 a glass… For now, I think I’d rather spend that money on a couple weeks in New York, unless of course, Salvatore Calabrese is happy to send me a round on the house…

AdrianaKupresakBlog | Salvatores Bar London

Salvatore’s Bar at Playboy, 14 Old Park Lane, Mayfair, London, W1K 1ND (020 7491 8586) www.playboyclublondon.com


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