Happy Birthday to me! I am officially 30 and let’s take a moment of silence to mourn that decade long hangover I now call my twenties. I’m still unmarried, childless, I have no mortgage. I’m five years away from freezing my eggs and ten away from adopting a child. That’s my life update for the moment. I haven’t been in a serious relationship for five or six years. My father called to wish me a ‘happy birthday’ and told me that I am officially an adult, which is his way of kindly saying, “get your shit together.

Here is a list of the 30 things I have learned in my 30 years of life on this earth.

ONE // How to Make Sarma

This will make sense if you’re from the balkans, if not, click here.

TWO // Use an iPhone

This might seem a little stupid to you because you may think, everyone knows how to use an iPhone but up until three years ago, I was still using a BlackBerry. I will still happily use a BlackBerry tomorrow if it gave me all the functions and features of an iPhone. Yes, I am well aware BlackBerry releases a new phone this year… I’ll get my hands on it.

THREE // Smoke a Cigarette 

Not something I am proud of  but thankfully this is one addiction I never picked up. I was out drinking when I was 18 and smoked a cigarette and my body literally was like, “Don’t do that again,” and I haven’t since.

FOUR // Face Value = Nothing 

Don’t take people for face value but rather judge them on the job they do or actions, rather than what they say- or promise.

FIVE // Pretty People?

I have also learned that those that society deems as “beautiful” are usually the most rotten on the inside.

SIX // Yoga

Yoga has changed my life, for the better and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking mindfulness and trying to combat their depression.

SEVEN // Travel.

Travelling will be your best form of education and personal development. Travel as much as you can, travel solo if possible because then you’re more likely to immerse yourself in the city and culture you’re in.

EIGHT // 30 is NOT that old. 

Last year, I was with someone who told me they were 23, turned out they were 19, fuck me dead- do not put me in jail. Anyways, he said to me that he enjoys being with “older women” because they are more comfortable and confident in their bodies. I was left thinking, actually no, I must have told him straight out, “who the fuck you calling older woman Mr?

NINE // People who leave a lasting impression

The people we remember most in this world don’t have fancy houses or drive nice cars, they are the ones with stories of struggle & survival. They literally inspire you to live every day as though it were your last, filled with happiness, kindness, generosity and gratitude.

TEN // Don’t worry about the future

Worrying about the future is not a tool in coming up with solutions to obstacles in your way. Don’t worry about the future, live each day as it comes.

ELEVEN // It’s ok to say NO.

It’s ok to say no for the sake of your own personal sanity. It is almost essential in growing as a human to learn how to say no for things that do not serve you.

TWELVE // Failure is Essential. 

Failure is an essential part of every day life. You should be failing at something every single day. The bigger your goal, the harder you will fail.

THIRTEEN // People don’t give a fuck.

People don’t really give a fuck as much as they pretend.

FOURTEEN // Take Chances.

Take Chances always. How did I start writing for Huffington Post? I emailed the media Queen, darling, guru herself, Arianna Huffington with the most epic pitch of my life.


People are always going to want to bring you down, even if you’ve left the country and moved to the other side of the world, they will still shit on your name. That’s fine, let them because hate, hate is a fucking waste of time. Enjoy the hate, embrace the hate. For as long as they are focused on hating you, they are not focused on themselves.

“Haters are just confused admirers.”

SIXTEEN // WTF is an adult?

There is no such thing as an adult, there’s a thing called emotional maturity and not many people have it. you’ll learn that as you get older.

SEVENTEEN // You’re allowed to change your mind

It’s ok to change your mind. You don’t have to be that doctor, lawyer etc. You don’t have to follow through with the thing you once thought would make you happy but stumbled across something along the way that actually would. Keep changing your mind until you find what works for you.

EIGHTEEN // Gratitude.

Gratitude goes a long way. If you’re not grateful for what you have now, why should the universe (or god) grant you something better? Think about it.

NINETEEN // Follow your heart.

Following your heart will be the most difficult, yet most rewarding path you’ll ever take.

TWENTY // Never stop learning

You do not & never will know everything. You should be learning and open to learning every single day because no one knows everything. Knowledge is power.

TWENTY ONE // Friends vs. Family

There are people out there who are not related to you who will do more for you than your own family. That’s a fact. These are the people you should have around you.

TWENTY TWO // Forget that apology for closure

You may never get that apology you think you deserve or that explanation for closure, it may never happen. You need to learn to move on with your life and let things be. If it happens, it happens- if not, life goes on, right?

TWENTY THREE // No such thing as an overnight success

There is NO such thing as an overnight success. People may be recognised overnight for their talents but no success story comes without many years of hustle beforehand.

TWENTY FOUR // Hustle is more fun

The hustle is more fun than the view at the top. I learned this in my mid twenties.

TWENTY FIVE // True friends will always remain

Doesn’t matter how many oceans there are between you, true friends/real friends will always be in touch and check in on you. And not let a little bit of water get in the way of your friendship.

TWENTY SIX // Fuck your fancy clothes

Designer clothes do not matter, unless you want to attract the wrong crowd. Do you really want to do that? Learn from my mistakes.


Twenty seven is the age my body stopped not showing pepperoni pizza on my body. Before 27, I would eat a pizza and never see it on my body. After 27 my god did everything begin to appear and in all the wrong places. Everywhere except my tits.


Always be kind, you never know what battle people are fighting behind closed doors. No matter how much someone smiles, acts fine and happy, you just don’t know if they’re really suffering. Always be kind.

TWENTY NINE // How to apply fake tan

Without it looking uneven and blotchy. In case you’re wondering why I am 30 years old and still using fake tan, it’s probably the only part of Sydney still left in me. Yes, everyone fake tans over there, you’re never dark enough.


Sobriety saved my life. Getting clean and sober was the smartest thing I ever did.




  1. 27th February 2017 / 5:57 am

    Number nine is everything.

    • 9th March 2017 / 10:13 am

      You would know that one best! Hope to see you this year xx

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