As the days become  longer and the vibe of London city kicks into party mode, one of the bustling areas of this magical city calls home to the most delicious frozen yoghurt you may come across in your life. The Sloane Brothers. Frozen Yoghurt Co. is located in East London, right in centre of the commotion known as Brick Lane. The self proclaimed “Purveyors of fine frozen delights,” make you feel right at home in London’s trendy east side with local graffiti on the walls and great British frozen yoghurt.

So what makes The Sloane Bros. Frozen Yoghurt a forgivable afternoon  treat? 

Adriana Kupresak | 5 Reasons to Visit Sloane Brothers Frozen Yoghurt on Your Next Visit To Brick Lane, London


The Sloane Bros Co. Source Locally 

The Sloane Bros. is also proudly British owned, British sourced ingredients and most importantly, fat-free frozen yoghurt. Yes, I am not lying- fat-free ladies.


Fat-Free Frozen Yoghurt

The most difficult part of your visit will be choosing your frozen yoghurt as there are 5 options- Natural, Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel and Dulce de Leche.


Vegan-Friendly Options

As an aspiring vegan but very terrible one to say the least, I’m always eager to see the vegan options when I check out a new place to eat in London. The Sloane Bros. cater wonderfully for the vegan community with their Dulce de Leche frozen yogurt base that goes perfectly well with the locally sourced fruits.

Adriana Kupresak | 5 Reasons to Visit Sloane Brothers Frozen Yoghurt on Your Next Visit To Brick Lane, London


Great Selections of Toppings –

What’s the point of having an ordinary frozen yoghurt when you can make it extra-ordinary? At The Sloane Bros Co. there’s a large selection of fresh fruits and nuts and  (As described on their website), “The most scrumptious British toppings and treats sourced from the very best local suppliers.” 


Exceptional Staff

There’s literally no point in having a business without employing the right staff who are equally as passionate about the concept as they are about engaging with customers. During my visit I had such a delightful conversation with the staff who went above and beyond to answer all my questions about frozen yoghurt and their recommendations on the best combinations. They really put the fun back into creating the frozen yoghurt dreams are made of!

Adriana Kupresak | 5 Reasons to Visit Sloane Brothers Frozen Yoghurt on Your Next Visit To Brick Lane, London

As you can see, I went all out and a personal recommendation would be the caramel frozen yoghurt. Yes, I cheated and also had a salted caramel brownie, made from a local bakery. I have this weakness for salted caramel anything at the moment.

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Look at the way I started looking at food…Someone find me a boyfriend, now.


Address: 214 Brick Ln, London E1 6SA
Phone: 020 7739 1811


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  1. Jen
    30th June 2016 / 2:33 am

    Awesome sauce! I’ll be heading to London, to visit family in a couple of weeks. And I absolutely LOVE frozen yogurts! What a way to cheat! 🙂 And definitely not a vegan, but I do love Dulce de Leche anything….yum. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll have to check them out.

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