Adriana Kupresak

Where do you live? 

I have spent the past two years living in London however have now relocated to Zagreb, Croatia.

What is your nationality? 

I was born in Croatia but my family is Hungarian. 

Can you speak Hungarian?

No. I only found out I was Hungarian almost three years ago. I have spoken about it here on my YouTube Channel. But I am fluent in Croatian. 

How long have you been blogging for? 

Almost 9 years.

I want your life! I want to be a blogger! Where do I begin?

That’s great! I’ve written a post on how to become a successful blogger, read more here.

I work with an amazing brand and would love to talk to you about a partnership

Fantastic! You can email me directly here and tell me more about it! 

We would love to commission one of your posts or have you contribute to our site, is this something you may be interested in?

Of course, please email me with more information. 

Do you accept Guest Posts?

I sure do as long as it’s in line with my branding and aesthetic. 

Do you take on any Press Trips?

Yes I do, always email me ahead to confirm.

Are you expensive to hire as a social influencer? 

Get in touch with me for my social influencer rate card. 

Would you like to review my hotel, restaurant, experience? 

As long as I can bring a friend (I only write that so they won’t get mad haha), I am definitely interested in eating any photo-worthy food and sleeping in lush hotels to report back to my world.

We’re not a Michelin Star Restaurant or as fancy as some of the places you have visited on your blog but we’d love to have you be our guest.

You don’t have to have any Michelin Stars or be too schmancy, I’ll eat anywhere as long as the food is good. However, I still can’t bring myself to try Chinese or Indian. All you need to do is get in touch via email or social media.

Do you review Apps? 

Yes I do but this comes with a fee to help fund my groovey lifestyle.

Would you use our App/Service if we give it to you for free for a mention to our wonderful followers? 

Probably not. Every mention & tag feeds me and my family however, I love a good pitch- Email Me. 

How do I get you to mention me or my brand on Huffington Post?

Not going to happen, keeping in line with my contributor’s contract. 

If my brand sends you some product do you promise to write about it? 

No. I only write about and promote brands/products I am genuinely passionate about. To avoid any confusion and ensure you’re in line with my personal branding please Email Me

Where can I send you some product and/or event invites?

Products will now need to be sent to my home in Croatia, please get in touch for my address. Anything sent to my old SW6 address will be enjoyed by my old flatmate in London- You’ve been warned. 

What theme do you use? 

I use TheGossip from Theme Forest. They have excellent tech support and are always willing to help me with my stupid questions around the clock.

What Camera do you use?

Up until April 2016 I was using the Samsung WB350F camera which was great but I decided to step up my game so from May 2016 I’ve been attached to the typical Bloggers/Vloggers camera, the Canon G7X. This camera is my baby. I also use my iPhone 6s for certain photography if I don’t have my camera on me. 

Which sister do you love more? 

Neither- my baby cousin is my favourite, Sorry.

Why do you swear so much?

Because I’m from the Balkans raised in Australia….  

How do you stay focused, motivated and positive? 

I am fortunate enough to have a personal life coach, or cheerleader, who I work closely with at ensuring I don’t slip deep into depression, getting rid of limiting beliefs and maintaining a positive outlook. I also use a gratitude journal daily and practise yoga as much as I can to stay aligned.  

 What kind of books do you read and recommend?

I personally enjoy reading Stoic philosophy and like many great successful minds, I swear by and highly recommend Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. The one book that really changed my life and the way I interacted with the world was 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene, although I do prefer his second book, The Art of Seduction a little more. 

If you could be anyone for a day dead or alive, who would you be and why? 

Lou Andreas-Salomé.

Why? She’s the fellow Aquarian woman who charmed three magnificent minds. She was Nietzsche’s student, Freud’s close friend & Rilke’s muse, need I say more? 

Are you ever going to move back to Sydney? 

No, why would I? 

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