Good Evening or Morning- Depending on where you are in the world!

I’m currently in Zagreb drawing up the finer details of my next trip ‘out of here.’ I’m going back to somewhere I’ve been before. Nope it’s not my darling lover Barcelona but it begins with the same letter, all while figuring out whether I should squeeze in a trip to Belgrade before Christmas. I’ve been inundated with work, opportunities and what I like to call ‘Magical Miracles’ in regards to the new year and the direction I’d like to take my career.

JoomBoos VideoStar Top 10! 

Holy Mother of Croatia, this week I was announced in the Top 10 of the Joomboos VideoStar competition. It kind of put my nerves into action because I put myself out there and had no control over the repercussions, which I absolutely hate. How would people react? What would people think? Would people be interested in my persona? Considering the audience of Joomboos is relatively young, I wasn’t expecting an understanding into WTF I was all about and this was met with a cruel reality my cousins and I were left in hysterics. So many hate comments but I know very well that we all fear what we don’t understand and anything that appears different to the norm we are used to. Pulling a “Trump” card to get myself noticed in the competition was an inevitable move I had to make and it worked. I’m going to leave this one at that. To view the video CLICK HERE.

Serbian Lessons Guy Declares Me As His “Future Ex Wife…”

 It’s not often I fall into the arms of someone who shares the same dialogue as me. Danny from Serbian Lessons Guy is insanely hilarious and a popular name here in the Balkans. Imagine my surprise to hear him declare me as his “future ex wife…” I was flattered! Watch the video below. Although it’s mostly in Croatian, Danny speaks in English about what he thinks about each candidate.

& then the “Daily Mail” of Croatia picked up the story. Click Here to read.

 ♥ Fave Post This Week 

Check out this sexy babe, Sonja Kovac turn heads in the streets of Zagreb!

& Yeah, she does look that fab in real life!

♥ Latest VLOG 

I spent last weekend in the village on the north end of Croatia, completely (sort of) switching off from the world. I spent more time with my grandparents and had the most uplifting chat with my grandfather who passed not long after I was born but has remained with me my whole life.


I hope you all have a joyous week ahead, filled with love laughter & plenty of productivity.


  1. 6th November 2016 / 7:10 pm

    Well done!! and well deserved. Keep reaching the stars and putting them in your pocket one by one. xx

  2. anon
    7th November 2016 / 8:40 am

    Great work Adriana! Wish you all the best sweetheart

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