My inbox has started flooding with messages like, “You’re glowing,” “You look different,” and “Zagreb looks good on you.” There’s no deny that there is something contributing to this glowing light around me. My new ‘look’ is the catalyst of a string of new decisions I’ve made in my life. This begins with the people I choose to have around me, dealing with my addiction head on and also staying focused on the bigger picture. There’s little room for distractions these days and not that I can really call anything in Zagreb a distraction, the city simply moves at a pace that would have sent my soul into shock a few years ago.

I think back to growing up in Sydney or my time in London over the years and everything is a blur. I remember walking around London and always mentioning that nothing ever felt real and that I always felt I was in a dream. I walk around in Zagreb and I am in the moment, I am connected to the energy of the city and most importantly I feel at peace with myself. Everything I assumed about the city, I was wrong about. I am in the moment for the first time in my life unlike in London where I was always several moments ahead.  As for that glow, I believe you begin to shine when you find where you belong. 

♥ My Latest Video on YouTube

This week I posted TWO videos on YouTube and created another two. I am getting scarily into my own groove with vlogging which will be my main focus in the new year, along with learning Croatian properly so that I stop sounding like such a peasant.

♥ I Did Something I’ve Never Done! 

This week I had the luxury of scaring the shizzle out of myself and as part of my assignment for JetsetTimes, rode around Zagreb on a Segway. My main focus was firstly to not run over anyone and secondly to not kill myself. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun. Watch the video below & be sure to look out for the write up next week!

♥︎ My First Interview in Croatia 

This week I seemed to be spending a lot more time in front of the camera, something I genuinely hated in the past. To get things moving on to the next level, I’ve got to be more comfortable talking to the camera which is why I started one on one lessons with my personal life coach, Jasmina Bjelica. Trust me, these are unchartered territories for me, I’m usually introverted into my own woman-cave and typing away at my laptop, not openly discussing who I am and things about my life.

Ella Dvornik hooked me up with a cool student TV documentary with a segment focused on travel bloggers from Croatia. Although I am relatively new in town compared to Ella or Riana, I was still able to share my sentiments on what I had observed and experienced so far.

Adriana kupresak Croatia

Watch the interview below from 14:14mins

♥︎ Brian Rose for London Real 

It’s no secret my passion for personal development, self awareness and philosophy and London Real was one of the first YouTube channels that allowed me to connect with the message of people like Robert Greene, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tai Lopex, Mimi Ikonn & Peter Sage to name a few. Founder of London Real, Brian Rose, a man with an epic entrepreneurial story and someone who I really look up sat in the hot seat, answering some gruelling questions about the direction of London Real, utilising your greatest liabilities and some of his favourite guests.

“I will only be judged by the amount of value I give to other people.” Brian Rose



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  1. Paige Dehais
    10th October 2016 / 5:52 pm

    Excellent, and yes the glow of the new space in your mind and heart is obvious 🙂 Well done, and looking forward to more AK adventures. Love and success all around. xx

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