Contrary to whatever you may believe, I despise getting in front of the camera.

I’m used to being behind the scenes as a stylist, making sure not a single hair is out of place on a model and ensuring the outfit is sitting right. Being in front of the camera is unfamiliar territory for me, I don’t even know how to pose or look sexy or be sexy, especially when it’s freezing cold. A round of applause to anyone who does this for a living.


When you don’t dress like everybody else, you don’t

have to think like everybody else. Iris Apfel 

This is a silly discomfort I need to get over rather rapidly as I begin to pave my way around The balkan Fashion and Social Influencer industry because as you can see, things are moving quite quickly on this end of the world. I’ve been fortunate enough to strike a wonderful friendship with Andriana Gazic who you may have seen pop up in my vlogs over the last few weeks. She has such a friendly spirit, I am drawn to her positive energy and obviously as a fellow Aquarian, we instantly clicked. All we basically do is laugh when we are together. Andriana is part of Croatian Blogging sister duo sensation, Sisterstime LA who have attracted a following that admires their  street style and unique take on the world around them.


Imagine my excitement when a text message came through that read, “Get your outfit ready, we’re going to the Elle Style Awards on Thursday!” Oh my goodness! Super excited, however, I had to get over the flu I was currently try to shake off that whole week.

Heading straight to my favourite Boutique in Zagreb, DBOxX, I decided to wear a dress from Yuniku, representing my home city, Osijek and to dress up the outfit and give it a point of difference by adding a black velvet choker by Black Pearl. I’m never too big on accessories, you’ll notice I have quite a minimal style but like to add an amazing pair of shoes or clutch to my outfit to give it a lift or make it “pop”. If my dress is the show, I’ll tone down either the shoes or clutch. In this case, I decided to keep the black and neutral tones and add a pop of red with my beloved Wilbur & Gussie satin clutch, that everyone seems to love.


Andriana wore a stunning black dress by Robert Sever that she street-styled with a denim jacket from the same designer. My favourite piece had to be the envelope clutch that gave the outfit an edge. Also, the handmade headband was another showstopper by Robert Sever where it was covered in embellishments that looked super fabulous with her patent leather & jewelled dress shoes from Hogl. There may be a decade between Andriana and I but absolutely admire her eye and style.


Our dear friend and fellow blogger, Holly Roberts also shared our excitement throughout the day and selected an outfit from Black Pearl, a designer I actually really admire for her use of fine silks and attention to detail, as you can also see in the dress that Holly chose. Lucky for Holly, her mother has a fabulous wardrobe and she found a vintage denim jacket to complete her look.  Take a look at how beautiful this photo is!


The girls had organised a very talented upcoming make up artist in Zagreb by the name of Vesna Plivelic who absolutely blew my mind away at how well she made my eyes. I opted for a more “natural” and smokey-eyed look that she really took to a whole new level, I wish that she was my personal make up artist for everyday! Probably, one day. Make sure you check out her Instagram page.

A special thank you to Viktorija Novak for taking some of the most stunning photos of us later in the afternoon as we created our own version of “Sex and The City” throughout the streets of zagreb.


Dress | YUNIKU








  1. denis
    31st October 2016 / 4:54 pm

    ajme ti si vatrena

  2. Amanda
    1st November 2016 / 1:55 am

    ❤️ love your blog and youtube channel ❤️

  3. unknown
    1st November 2016 / 10:02 pm

    Welcome back AK

  4. Selma
    2nd November 2016 / 10:31 am

    Super ste!

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