Did you notice something different about me?

Yep, I can’t stop smiling. 

Growing up I never wanted a boob job, I just wanted the perfect smile. Channelling the ‘Posh Spice’ look for most of my adolescent life, yes those were the days, I rarely smiled as a child and my fatty cheeks did nothing to flatter my look. Several years of chronic teeth grinding left my teeth looking chipped and uneven, all I ever wanted was a set of new teeth because I was embarrassed of the ones I already had. As a teenager I would sleep beside a bottle of lemonade each night not only dehydrating myself but also causing severe damage to my teeth, noticeable discolouration and weakening the enamel. I’m not a smoker and I don’t do drugs so I have no excuse. Let’s not even begin to go into details about how sensitive they became over the years. To bite into an ice cream was a catastrophe.

Anytime I am in Croatia, I stop by Osijek’s best dentist, Dental Centar Ces for a check up. This is the same place I had my wisdom tooth taken out last year and have never had a single problem with my teeth since. Founder of the clinic, Josip Ces and I spoke in detail last year about the whole “veneers” procedure as I wanted to change my smile but I wasn’t ready. Typically scared by the whole filing of the teeth down process, I decided to wait until I was a little braver. Josip explained to me that he would not be filing down any of my teeth and that I would be receiving the non-prep porcelain veneers because they are a much more natural look for teeth that are undersized and chipped.

What are Non-Prep Porcelain Veneers?

Unlike traditional veneers which require the dentist to remove about half a millimetre of enamel from the tooth surface, non-prep veneers are less invasive and time-consuming.  “Non-prep” veneers are bonded to the front surface of the teeth. This option does not require the dentist to grind, cut or file down any tooth structure for proper placement.

How Long Do Non-Prep Veneers Take? 

After the initial consultation (no more than 30minutes) where the Dentist makes an impression of your teeth, the model is then sent to a dental laboratory who will then construct your veneers. While this procedure can take up to 2 weeks, at Dental Centar Ces, the Dental laboratory is in-house, meaning that the construction and any added changes can be rectified on the spot. It took about 5 days for my veneers to be ready, I had 8 placed on my top row.

Do Non-Prep Veneers hurt? 

No, non-prep veneers do not hurt however, there is the general grinding and filing of the teeth to create the perfect shape for your face that can feel uncomfortable. In some instances, you may need anesthetic to numb the area but this is something you will need to discuss with your Dentist as each case differs.

How Much Do Non-Prep Veneers Cost? 

Dental tourism is on the rise in Croatia with clients, in particular from the UK heading over to get their teeth fixed. Veneers start from £150-£300 per tooth but this also depends on your Dentist.

But Wait, There’s More

Dr Rita Rakus, Knightsbridge London

Dr Rita Rakus, Knightsbridge London

Prior to my non-prep veneers, I paid a visit to Dr Rita Rakus in Knightsbridge for a consultation regarding my jaw line. I always like anything within walking distance of my home. A couple of years ago I was supposed to have botox for bruxism but never came around to actually doing it in Sydney.

What is bruxism? Bruxism is the grinding of the teeth unconsciously, most commonly in your sleep.  What was the point of getting veneers if I was going to ruin them gradually in my sleep? It was a non negotiable.

The other side to this glam life

The other side to this glam life. Meet my new friend, the numbing cream pre botox

I was referred to Dr Rita Rakus, also known as London’s Lip Queen and I’d be lying to say I almost didn’t stick a needle in my upper lip too, but I didn’t. Her practice, across the road from Harrods is exceptionally posh yet welcoming, even for the first timer such as myself who had no idea what to expect.

I did a lot research on botox for bruxism and Dr Rita Rakus was more than willing to help me with all my questions. Does it hurt? No. Can I drink alcohol later? No, not for 24 hours. Can I eat salmon? Yes. I had three injections on each side of my masseter muscle. It was painless and not as intrusive as I expected. Botox in the masseter muscle is also known to slim the face.

For half an hour afterwards, I was told to clench each side of my jaw for 30 seconds and to avoid any sweaty activity- Exercise was the last thing on my mind. It wasn’t even as expensive as I expected as I was quoted “about” £400 in an off the street London beauty salon/franchise. It always pays to do your research and ask around for referrals. I can’t recommend Dr Rita Rakus and her phenomenal team enough, the level of professionalism is no wonder why she and her team are leaders in the cosmetic surgery industry.

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Anyways… Back to my smiles, expect more selfies! 


  • This post is in collaboration with Dental Centar Ces, Osijek Croatia.


  1. Marina
    25th October 2017 / 2:17 pm

    I’m thinking about getting botox for bruxism too and found your post so thank you for sharing. How are your non-prep veneers going? Are they still in good condition after two years? Have you had any problems? Would you recommend going to get non prep veneers done in Croatia?? Marina

  2. Juliet
    29th July 2018 / 5:49 pm

    Are you able to do a follow up post on your veneers? 🙂

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