Božićna Priča Salaj Land ・Čazma, Croatia

Another year, another half a million lights added to Zlatko Salaj’s winter winderland, Salaj Land. I had the pleasure of joining two young creators from Creative Agency, Beautiful Destinations to relive (my second visit) the famous Obitelj Salaj christmas fairytale, also known as the most beautiful garden in Croatia. Fireworks greeted us and mother nature froze us but it was well worth it.

Salaj Land was founded on the idea that all children should experience the pure joys of christmas which is why entry into the garden is free for all children and 30kn (4€) for adults. This year Salaj Land includes an ice rink and extension into a forest area that leads you to a trail filled with smurfs and other cartoon characters that will only bring you back to your childhood. Salaj Land is located approximately an hour out of Zagreb.



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My visit to Salaj Land was complimentary and organised by The National Tourism Board of Croatia, this has not affected my views and/or observations. 

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  1. emir
    29th December 2017 / 12:51 am

    salaj land looks awesome! even for an adult hahaha

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