It’s a little funny because, everything that I have now or anything on it’s way, I knew would happen the moment I removed myself from the environment that was no longer working for me. The thing is though, London was always my comfort zone and sadly, living in your comfort zone leaves little room for improvement. I met with the organiser for TEDx here in Zagreb last week and he asked, “You’re a queen of change. Do you even fear it anymore?” I said no.

[blockquote]I constantly want to be learning new ways of improving how to live better, healthier and wiser. And most importantly, letting go of what no longer serves me because I most likely longer serve it too.[/blockquote]

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“We need to deploy the process of self awareness. If you leave here and start your process of really knowing what makes you happy, of who are you really, if you could start chipping away the voices from the outside, if you can start figuring out what you’re scared of, if you want to actually do something in the light of the picture I am painting… who are you scared to fail in front of? The reason why so many of you are not doing what you want to do is because you’re scared to fail at something. you’re scared that your brother will judge you, your wife, your girlfriend, your husband and most scary, your mum or your dad. You need to eliminate that and or own that fear and put yourself in a position to succeed.”… View Post


A perpetrator “butters” up their victim before they begin to slowly murder their soul. These selective words start innocently like, “I like your outfit but I think you should wear pants instead of that skirt.” Then gradually build into, “You look like a slut in that skirt.” Usually by this stage the victim is emotionally paralysed and although they are aware that their circumstances are not normal, leaving seems more difficult than staying.… View Post