Hey how you going?

This may seem very left of field but I just wanted to say thank you for your bravery in sharing your personal experience on your blog about domestic violence..

I did a session on this just last week during crossroads with my year 11 girls and they were so engrossed in your experience and relating it back to their own relationships, how they would go about setting boundaries in their future relationships to protect their identity, integrity and self worth.

They are all curious to know how you are doing now, what you are up to and how you approach your relationships..… View Post


Would you believe me if I told you that this picture took me about 30 attempts, adjusted angles, puzzled onlookers & a sun that wasn’t going to stop setting because ‘I couldn’t get my hands right’? ? Well, that’s the whole hearted truth. It’s still not perfect and most of me doesn’t care. ??

You’ll notice lately-

I’ve derived my attention more on vlogging, something I claimed was my greatest fear earlier this year. In most of these vlogs my makeup isn’t done, my hair looks horrendous and my uniform fake tan/blonde extensions look is nowhere to be seen. ??? Why?…… View Post