I spent my whole 20s getting into VIP booths and private members clubs while in my 30s I’ve realised that I am devoted to getting a table at a top restaurant.… View Post

Part of the allure that brings people to Barcelona apart from the food and football is the city’s rich history and culture.  It comes to no surprise that Antoni Gaudi is one of the most celebrated architects the world has ever known and his refined, unique architectural style can be witnessed all over the city of Barcelona. … View Post

It’s becoming a personal yearly tradition for me to visit my favourite city in Europe, Barcelona. As you may or may not have figured, Barcelona holds a special key to my heart. Each time I visit the city, I discover a new street to strut down, another Gaudi masterpiece to immerse myself in and take a million photos of and another reason to move myself over to the beautiful city.… View Post

It was back in early 2014 when I kicked off my relationship with Barcelona. Those were the days I could club-hop down at the Port Olympic until the sun rose over La Barceloneta. Opium to Shoko, swing by Carpe Diem back to Opium. Even if the pre-drinks began at Eclipse at W Hotel on the other end of the beach, I’d always turn the lights on at Opium with my girlfriend and numerous new friends from the local Alumni, usually a bevy of young and intoxicated American girls we’d accumulate in our presence throughout the night. … View Post