We arrive to Croatia’s 16th largest island, Otok (Island) Kornat in the late afternoon, before the sunset and one we are told will be the most beautiful of the entire trip. The bay we dock in is called Vrulje. All I can think about is 1. Charging my iPhone, Canon G7x, other Canon camera, external battery pack and MacBook 2. Washing my hair (finally, after 4 days of travelling) 3. Connecting to wiFi 4. Eating food.

Would you believe that none of these happen for me, except for the food part, about 3 hours later.… View Post


Our Skipper, Captain, and (my personal) Lifeguard, Karlo goes through the ‘Yacht Rules.’ No charging of anything while we are sailing, no showering longer than three minutes and no flushing of toilet paper down the toilet. Oh my god, w-t-f is my life for the next week, I thought sailing was meant to be luxe.… View Post


One. Can you cook?

Two. Do you believe in God?

Three. Do you go to church?

I was in a conversation with my cousin over coffee one morning telling her that I just don’t understand Croatian boys, they kept asking me these stupid primitive type questions, I was literally confused. “You’re not dating Croatian boys, you’re dating Hercegovci, Adriana.” Problem solved & lesson learned. Now when a boy tells me they are from Hercegovina, I smile, nod and walk away. … View Post