A perpetrator “butters” up their victim before they begin to slowly murder their soul. These selective words start innocently like, “I like your outfit but I think you should wear pants instead of that skirt.” Then gradually build into, “You look like a slut in that skirt.” Usually by this stage the victim is emotionally paralysed and although they are aware that their circumstances are not normal, leaving seems more difficult than staying.… View Post


“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”
 Brené Brown… View Post


It was back in early 2014 when I kicked off my relationship with Barcelona. Those were the days I could club-hop down at the Port Olympic until the sun rose over La Barceloneta. Opium to Shoko, swing by Carpe Diem back to Opium. Even if the pre-drinks began at Eclipse at W Hotel on the other end of the beach, I’d always turn the lights on at Opium with my girlfriend and numerous new friends from the local Alumni, usually a bevy of young and intoxicated American girls we’d accumulate in our presence throughout the night. … View Post


On Wednesday evening, I sat in a room filled with women, predominately from a Balkan background, and watched the infectious Jasmina Bjelica deliver her personal message on how to let go and “Jazz Up” our lives. Women of all ages were taught how to release the blockages within and most importantly, never apologise for who they are. … View Post