If you nurture your own talent from the inside, it would increase their value (and yours) from the outside, this is a system that works both ways. It’s ridiculously unfair to disadvantage your local talent courtesy of their demographic even though under the right spotlight, they have every potential to deliver the same results.… View Post


Vincent Dignan is a man of many talents.

In his latest talk titled, ‘Sales & Personal Branding: How To Be Rich and Internet Famous,’ Vincent highlights the importance of the hustle, the true definition of no social life in order to win the entrepreneurial game and what it truly takes to call yourself a digital nomad on a whole new scale. If you want to Break The Internet, this is the guy you need to listen to.… View Post


Snapchat is on the rise and it’s social influencer pulling power is imminent. Gary Vaynerchuk predicted it, the Kardashians are now all over it and this social media platform is creating a new generation of influencers cultivating a following through 10 second videos, filters and unique ways of story telling.… View Post