Zagreb’s first bed and breakfast, Studio Kairos, is named after the Greek God of fortunate moments. Being the spiritually superstitious person that I naturally am and continually taking unprecedented risks in my own life, I am all for anything that could bring in a little luck and good karma. … View Post


Part of the allure that brings people to Barcelona apart from the food and football is the city’s rich history and culture.  It comes to no surprise that Antoni Gaudi is one of the most celebrated architects the world has ever known and his refined, unique architectural style can be witnessed all over the city of Barcelona. … View Post


It’s becoming a personal yearly tradition for me to visit my favourite city in Europe, Barcelona. As you may or may not have figured, Barcelona holds a special key to my heart. Each time I visit the city, I discover a new street to strut down, another Gaudi masterpiece to immerse myself in and take a million photos of and another reason to move myself over to the beautiful city.… View Post


I decided to get a suite at The Art’otel Budapest overlooking the Danube River, Hungarian Parliament and Chain Bridge. The Art’otel Budapest is conveniently located on the Buda side, usually considered the posh end of town and I can’t fault this hotel, hospitality and standard- only the wifi which from my bed was a little slow.… View Post