I decided to get a suite at The Art’otel Budapest overlooking the Danube River, Hungarian Parliament and Chain Bridge. The Art’otel Budapest is conveniently located on the Buda side, usually considered the posh end of town and I can’t fault this hotel, hospitality and standard- only the wifi which from my bed was a little slow.… View Post

I’ve had a cheeky love affair this European summer. And admittedly I’ve fallen harder than I should have, absolutely ignoring a fact I was well aware of, our relationship could be little more than a summer fling. With that being said, my love for her will last a lifetime. Her name you ask? Croatia.… View Post

“I shut my eyes and felt myself smile. I’ve never smiled like this before I’ve fallen asleep. I then burst into laughter, picking myself up and looking over my shoulder. Yep, she was still there. Her lights may have been turned off and maybe she lost all her shine, it didn’t matter. I could see her shadow and she was the reason why I shut my eyes for the first time in a very long time, with a smile.”… View Post