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Croatia’s National Tourist Board has launched it’s newest slogan ‘Croatia, Full of Life‘ replacing 15 years of ‘The Mediterranean As it Once Was‘ in it’s latest attempt to put Croatia in the spotlight as the ideal holiday destination. Croatia’s tourism Minister Darko Lorencin confirmed the slogan was chosen because of its simplicity and flexibility.

“Don’t fill your life with days,

fill your days with life.” 

Last week, Londoners were given the opportunity to witness and experience the floating Croatia ‘Full of Life’ Island as it passed down the iconic River Thames and docked at the prestigious Butler’s Wharf. It’s safe to say this island’s view was one of London’s best and  overlooked the city’s most beautiful bridge, Tower Bridge. The island featured flags, flowers and medieval turrets tempting Brits to visit inarguably Europe’s finest land.

AdrianaKupresakBlog | Croatia, Full of Life

AdrianaKupresakBlog | Croatia, Full of Life

AdrianaKupresakBlog | Croatia, Full of Life

Director of Croatian National Tourist Board Ratomir Ivicic explains: “Whether your dream break involves hopping from one perfect Mediterranean island to the next, exploring ancient sites, trying the best local food and drink or sport, Croatia has something to offer every taste and lifestyle.”

Over the past decade, Croatia has rapidly established itself as one of Europe’s ideal summer holidays, especially among the British who get more value for their pound. Many companies based in the UK such as Croatia Wave specialise in bringing you the perfect Croatian holiday. Companies specialising in Croatian food have also emerged in London in particular, Taste Croatia with a successful store at Borough Markets open Tuesday to Saturday and they’ve also recently launched an online store, check it out here. All that’s missing from Taste Croatia right now is cevapi in lepinje freshly made in front of the store. The truffles at Taste Croatia are simply divine.

AdrianaKupresakBlog | Croatia, Full of Life

Thinking of heading to Croatia in 2016 and don’t know where to start?

Contact my friends at Croatia Wave

For more information on Croatia, visit the Tourism Croatia website



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