The birds are chirping in the trees and we’re sleeping with our windows open, it’s official, spring is in the air! For the second year running, The National Tourism Board of Croatia have asked me to come up with my list for 7 epic things to do in Croatia as part of their Epic Week campaign. This is my favourite edition because Spring/Summer is my favourite time of the year!

The list remains the same as per the last two editions however, 19 different activities and experiences have been added making your Epic Week list a little more difficult to come up with. There are now 218 choices for you to choose from for the year 2018!

Here is my list of things to do in Croatia to create my #EpicWeek

Feel Like a movie Star (Island of Vis) 

Earlier this year I had the privilege of meeting a few cast members of Mama Mia 2 in London who all had one thing in common with me, their love for Croatia. In one summer, the country had won them over!  The third sequel of Mama Mia was filmed on the Island of Vis and will be released this year. I am certain that this island will become the new Hvar. My fiancé has been banging on about visiting Vis this year at some point during our hectic summer schedule and I really do want to experience Stiniva Cove (pictured above) before the whole world finds out about it and wants to experience it too.

Join the Travelling Nation for a day (Maglenča)

I always say, I  must have been part of a traveller’s nation in a past life. Parts of my twenties have paid homage to this testament where a nomadic lifestyle came natural to me. I was surprised to hear that there was a house of the indigenous Croatian Roma, Lovar (1 of 8 groups of Roma) in the village of Maglenča about an hour away from Zagreb, very close to the city of Bjelovar. The house is the first european exhibition about their history where you’re also able to taste their gourmet products, have a guided tour and also stay the night.

Visit the Beaches of the Sea that Once was (Slavonia)

Everybody knows that I have a soft spot for the Slavonia of Croatia. It’s where my roots lie in this country. Although the Pannonian Sea may no longer exist, there are still many beaches in Slavonia you can safely dip more than your toes in. During my recent visit to Vukovar, I found out that the banks of the river Danube and also a small uninhibited island called The Vukovar Ada are used as a way to cool down during the warmer months in Croatia.

The locals in Slavonia may be hundreds of kilometers away from Croatia’s stunning coastline however, this hasn’t interfered with their desire to go for a swim in their local rivers. Kopika Beach is a local hot spot in Osijek and so is Banja Beach in Vinkovci.

Walk Through the Templar Fort in Vrana 

In February this year I was invited along to a press trip by the Zadar Tourist Board and wrote about 5 off the beaten tourist track things to do within the Zadar Region. Believe it or not, there is more to Zadar than Zadar city, just don’t tell my fiancé I said that. Visiting Vrana was part of the press trip and I was lucky enough to experience a guided  tour and dinner at Maskovica Han, a newly opened Heritage Hotel, I highly recommend.

Old Town Vrana is located near the Vrana Lake, the largest lake in Croatia and is very significant to Croatia’s medieval history.  The Templar Fort in Vrana is now considered medieval ruins but since 2008, an annual medieval festival titled “Dani Vitezova Vranskih” is held near the Old Town.


Fly over Hrvatsko Zagorije in a Hot Air Balloon

Whenever I think of hot air ballooning, I think of Cappadocia in Turkey, it has also been on my bucket list for years! Imagine how thrilled I was to hear that I could go hot air ballooning in practically my own backyard, Croatia?

Hrvatsko Zagorije is like a green sea filled with charming vineyards, lonely castles and numerous winding trails and roads. Bright green hues with cute little houses called “hiže” and “kleti”   will win your heart over! Words are one thing but experiencing this in a hot air balloon is another! I am putting this on my bucket let of things to do in Croatia and to certainly vlog it.

Fishing for the best party  (Zlarin)

Up until last September, I’d never heard about Island of Zlarin. Thanks to a press trip with Croatia Full of Life and visit to this special island, I learned that Zlarin is home to some of the world’s finest red coral.

As an avid lover of seafood, Croatia’s coastline is gastro mecca for someone like me. Island of Zlarin hosts one of the most authentic fisherman parties where sardines take the centre stage! The sardine is the queen fish around Zlarin and has been feeding the local population for centuries!

What better what to spend a lovely sunny afternoon?

Get lunch at Rijeka Market 

Image Credit: Beautiful Destinations

Rijeka is generally known for being both a “uni” and  a port city but did you also know that Rijeka is also home to one of the finest, freshest seafood markets in Croatia? While most of us are asleep, local fishermen are out at sea and everything caught in the Adriatic is brought directly to the market ,often referred to as “Babillon.” Rijeka’s city market has been around since the 19th century and is one of the main attractions of the city. What a perfect way to try out local specialities!


Epic Week in Croatia Part 3 Launched


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Good luck!




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    I want to win a trip to Croatia!

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    Vis enroute to being the new Hvar 100%

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