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Wow! That was quick. It only feels like yesterday when I sat in Harris & Hoole at Imperial Wharf and typed out my Editor’s Letter for May while watching an elder lady beside me bring her own lunch to the cafe, shamelessly indulging in it. I penned her down as badass. If the month of May is anything to go by then life is passing by rapidly and the year will be over before my eyes have a chance to process everything. May became a wake up call, AK it is time.

I’ve come up with a 30 day schedule to correspond with a 30 day blogging challenge I’ve set on myself. Yes, that means you will be hearing from me 30 days straight. Can’t handle it? That’s perfectly fine, just don’t log onto my blog. For those of you that can handle it, you’re in for a treat. Not only will I be preparing for my Balkan Series with posts anticipating the experiences and cities I’ll be visiting but I’ll be writing openly about a few incidences of my past. I’m starting to open the doors of my life up which means you’re going to read about the deeper side to my psyche and why I am the way I am today. Many circumstances in my past have moulded my present and I’m no longer going to let fear of opening up my wounds and judgement get in the way of telling my story.

In the last 8 months I’ve begun crossing paths with people who are a reflection of the girl I once was. I’ve never in ten years attracted so many bruised souls in such a short space of time just openly telling me about their demons and struggles. Making me come to the realisation that maybe I’m stronger than I think. Last month when I met Jasmina Bjelica she asked me if I’d ever consider getting into Life Coaching. I said No. I did however admit I’d rather get into speaking but I “wasn’t ready just yet to do a TedTalk.” Inga Deksne from Social Media Mindset Coach chimed in, “You’re ready before you’re ready and you Adriana are ready.” I knew exactly what she was talking about.  

I barely like showing my face on Snapchat let alone speaking to my viewers but I’m slowly getting comfortable with this idea. In Barcelona I was supposed to be vlogging my day but I was too chicken shit of looking crazy on the sidewalk. I did speak directly to the camera a little bit but hated how my hair looked against the wind. Seriously, I need to get over it because I’ll be vlogging throughout my Balkan Series come August and a bad hair day is not an excuse. Recently, Carrie Green Founder of The Female Entrepreneurs Association gave a shot at vlogging, admitting that it completely removes her from her comfort zone and the idea has always terrified her. I’m going to let her be the driver for me to publish at least 2 vlogs during June. It could be more but I don’t have travel plans locked in between now and August and consider my day to day life in London quite boring at times.

So, it looks like the month of June will be a fairly busy and productive one and to make sure I stay on track to achieve my goals and form productive habits, I’ve finally gotten myself into the Female Entrepreneurs Association and requested an accountability partner to make sure I stay on top of my game. The books I’ll reading for the month of June are Shadows Before Dawn by Teal Swan and Fuck It – Do What You Love by John Parkin. If you’ve read these books already, let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Mantra For June? 

Our Truest Life is When We are in Dreams Awake. 

Henry David Thoreau 

Have a great June!



  1. soph
    31st May 2016 / 8:00 pm

    Hahaha you’re the badass adri

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