Earlier this year, The National Tourism Board of Croatia ran it’s first ever Epic Week campaign where people were encouraged to select seven things they would love to do in Croatia, creating their very own #EpicWeek. The winner of the competition would then win the Epic week that they put together. Courtesy of the success of the campaign, Croatia Full of Life returns for the autumn edition of Epic Week with a surprisingly longer list of things to do in Croatia!

I’ve devised my own personal list of seven things I’d love to do in Croatia and before I leave you to read on to my list and encourage you to create your own, I am happy to announce that I’ll be sailing with the National Tourism Board of Croatia for a week in mid September, so make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube Channel and follow me on Instagram to remain up to date with my travels through out my beautiful country, Croatia.


Ride the longest zip line in Europe.

At school camp, there was nothing I hated more than putting on a harness, getting on a zip line and leaving my fate to God. Fast forward a couple of decades later and I’m all for seeing beautiful Croatia from a bird’s eye view. Europe’s longest zip line is located in Croatia’s Senj county and I can’t imagine anything better to do on a bright and sunny day other than shock my system and pump it with some adrenaline.

Image Credit: Domagoj Sever


Visit a house swallowed by another house.

I had such a memorable time on Brač Island last summer but sadly didn’t have time to visit one of it’s most famous cities, Bol. While Croatia’s tallest island has many special things on offer such as it’s own dish, brački vitalac and the pristine show stopper of a beach, Zlatni Rat, it is also home to a different type of home.

In Bol, there is a ‘house within a house.‘ Back in the 19th century, three wealthy brothers were looking for land to build a large home for their families and were met with a minor obstacle when local peasant Marko refused to sell them his house in order to make their dreams realised. Marko then fled the island and the three brothers began building their new home around Marko’s. The brothers then sailed over to Italy to buy some wood but sadly lost their lives out sea during a storm. The home within a home remains as is today.

The hiden stonepit lake in mountains of Geopark Papuk. (One of 19 european Geoparks, is where I live). Not quite sure how deep it is, but as I could evaluate when it was still empty, it should be something between 20-30 m. Trouts since recently inside. ? This is a drinking water, from natural springs, btw. We got a shit load of water on mountains of Papuk, Psunj and Krndija. ??? Behind the lake are pyramids, as you can see ?(not sure tho). ✨Lots of reasons to weaken this country. Already now you can buy a freaking nice 300 sqm house, with big garden, orchard or wineyard, for a price of one middle class car. Beauty that is not peoples anymore. #apaches #papuk#parkofnature#geoparkpapuk#geoparks#geoeurope#slavonia#orahovica#salomon#trout#freshwater#pastrva#lipljan#riseup#wakeup#standupforyourrights #radimvani#papuknative#stopmaterialisam#happywithless#happywithnature#healthynature#healthymind

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Have an adventure in GeoPark Papuk.

There is nothing more I love and crave, as much it freaks me out thinking about it beforehand, than getting told “No WiFi here.” This means I am less focused on catching a signal and more focused on the world around me. The Slavonia region of Croatia is special to me as it’s where my family are from and it’s far from the usual touristy and crowded setting you may find in other parts of Croatia.

If your ideal vacation includes a little down time, then look no further to visiting eastern Croatia where attractions such as GeoPark Papuk are at your disposal where you’ll find a waterfall that is 35m high, nothing special, I know but it becomes a little more fascinating considering Croatia’s Slavonia region is also the flattest land in the country.


Open your eyes on the safari through Neretva Valley

Flowing through Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia until reaching the Adriatic Sea, the Neretva River is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful rivers in the region. Separating two countries, the untouched nature of Neretva Valley surrounded by species of birds, water lilies, hidden abodes and narrow canals, is a unique experience.


Fly over the most amazing coastline of the world

The Telegraph dubbed Kvarner Bay “Croatia’s best kept secret” and we all know when the media catch onto something, it is no longer a secret. Another thing we are certain about is  my love for the istria region of Croatia is well alive in my heart but the bay and islands of this area are referred to as ‘Kvarner Bay.’

Imagine being able to fly over this amazing coastline and dreamy scenery? Well now you can. Whether you’re looking for a day trip or week long tour, nothing is impossible and I guarantee you will leave loving this part of Croatia just as much as I do.

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Visit best smelling island

Mali Lošinj has a reputation for being the best smelling island and paradise for scent. It’s also the location of the Garden of Fine Scents that has over 250 native plant varieties plus 100 exotic species. To add to it’s beauty, it’s waters are also home to over 200 dolphins. The organisation of Plavi Svijet carries Europe’s longest lasting research of the dolphins and you’re also allowed to adopt them, give it a name and begin receiving updates on their adventures.



Visit a place where have people lived for more than 5000 years.

I was born in Vukovar, a city that was heavily destroyed during Croatia’s War of Independence. I have never really returned for a proper visit since moving back to Croatia but always feel a sense of pride when I tell people this is where I was born, it’s kind of special.

It’s a beautiful baroque city in the Slavonia region of Croatia that was first mentioned in the 13th century. However, archaeological sites from nearby Vučedol confirm that people lived here back in 3rd Millennium BC. meaning that people have bene living here for the past 5,000 years!


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This post is in collaboration with the National Tourism Board of Croatia. This is a sponsored post and all views, observations and opinions are my own. 


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