A couple of years ago as I was leaving Sydney, my boss gave me a card and I parted with this tremendous woman with many words of wisdom and a new appreciation for the scorpio female. She wrote a few things to revive my dreams and belief within myself but her main quote that stood out was ,“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” At the time, I didn’t really look into it and fell into my own breed of self absorption as I worked out how to combat my depression all alone on the other side of the world. Every so often, a figure would walk into my life and lift me up at just the level I needed.

First, I had Anna Quick Palmer from Anna’s Friends who owned her story so solidly, it gave me the confidence to slowly own my own. I still remember my first message to Anna on Twitter that read, “I think I need you.” Within a week we met up in London and we are still in touch since. Carrie Green of Female Entrepreneurs Association became a digital kick up the ass for me on days where I told myself that I didn’t want to face the world. Then I came across Kristina Spionjak who in an instant shifted my mindset into a professional dream machine. Or Alex Beadon, who through one video she shared about Vishen Lakhiani introduced me to the world of Lisa Nichols.

Now, I’m at a point in my life where I actually need the teachings of Lisa Nichols. I can feel the baby inside of me and I’m so close to giving birth. This baby, I have been holding onto for years and through even my darkest hour, has still survived inside of me. If that isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is. So what exactly is it about Lisa Nichols that is so relevant to my present? Maybe it’s because we share a similar story revolving around being on the brink of broke and swearing we’d never allow ourselves to feel that helpless again. Maybe it’s because like Lisa, I have this story and I can’t wait to share it and slowly I’m making fear my friend. Maybe it’s because I know that if I can haunt or touch you with my words, when I finally find the courage to speak – I’ll be unstoppable. Mostly, I think it’s the delivery of her message, “What are you willing to give yourself permission to do?” Anything.


“What if you gave yourself a thousand second chances?”


“There is a lot of things you should want to be but normal isn’t one of them.”


“Unless I become radical, unless I become non-negotiable- This is going to be one ugly journey.”


“So often your story is is thing you’re trying to get over, yet it’s your platform.”


“Fear is your friend, it is not your enemy.”


“Don’t share your million dollar dreams with dollar thinkers”


“Are you willing to die to the old version of you so that the new version can be born?”


“Are you willing to be radical and unapologetic? Unapologetic about who you’ve been and unapologetic about who you are becoming? Are you willing to tell the world that I’m not asking for permission to do me anymore, I’ve decided to give you notice?!”


“Tell me what you had to climb out of. Tell me what built your character. Tell me what made you so strong. Tell me what demons you’ve had to fight, tell me how you climb back up.”


“How do you do it when you’re all alone and no one gets your vision? When no one gets your vision, it’s because they are not supposed to because God didn’t give it to them, God gave it to you.”


“Abundant thinkers understand the power of ‘I am.’ Anything after the word I am is true to your unconscious mind. Anything after I am, anything.”


“When it feels uncomfortable, it amazes me how hard you want to quit. You’re impregnated with a dream bigger than you, what part of labour did you think would be comfortable?”


“I’d rather die leaping than on the edge trying to get the courage to leap.”


“How about you not wait to get it right, you figure out how does it look doing it wrong? How does that look? Because your 80% right is someone else’s 159% of what they needed.”


“Do you realise that in your imperfection you’re perfect for the job?”

How To Overcome Procrastination By ‘Leaping Afraid’ | Lisa Nichols

I watch this clip every single morning just incase I’ve forgotten the mantra during my sleep. I’ve even typed it out and placed the transcript on my wall at my desk as a reminder to keep pushing through the fear.


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  1. Kristina
    25th June 2017 / 7:13 pm

    Just stumble on to this one. So sweet to see that I had a positive impact on you. :*

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