How to Be Rich & Internet Famous | Vincent Dignan

Vincent Dignan is a man of many talents.

He’s the Founder of London based Media Company Magnific, expert growth hacker & crowd-funder, start-up enthusiast and overall genius social media head turner. Yet his most powerful role is speaking in front of dumbfounded audiences who cannot comprehend his wildly honest tips on how to  hack their way into an internet presence. Seriously, this man is enchanting and I’ve watched him speak twice this year. In his latest talk titled, ‘Sales & Personal Branding: How To Be Rich and Internet Famous,’ Vincent highlights the importance of the hustle, the true definition of no social life in order to win the entrepreneurial game and what it truly takes to call yourself a digital nomad on a whole new scale. If you want to Break The Internet, this is the guy you need to listen to.

Let’s start with Basics because after all, knowledge is power

Five Books you Should Know, Read & Refer Back to According to Vincent Dignan

48 Laws of Power – Robert Greene 

The holy grail of human psychology, strategy and how to get whatever you want in this world is written in this book. I swear by this book too and have bought it for at least 8 people that I know that I knew would appreciate it’s message. It’s quite controversial but applicable to everyday life, especially if you want to be unstoppable. My mum calls this the book for psychopaths, go figure.

How To Win Friends & Influence People – Dale Carnegie

I personally wasn’t too excited reading this book but it emphasises the importance of empathy, networking and how to increase sales.

Trust Me I’m Lying  – Ryan Holiday 

Ryan Holiday was the assistant of Robert Greene while he wrote 48 laws of Power so he’s one human you cannot underestimate. His book, Trust Me I’m lying is an international best seller and goes in deep detail and case studies on how he has manipulated the media to gain media traction for brands such as American Apparel. It’s a killer book, highly recommend.

Zero to One – Peter Thiel 
The Four Hour Work Week – Tim Ferris 
The Hard Thing About Hard Things – Ben Horowitz 

“We don’t log into our Facebook or Pinterest because it’s good, we hope that it will be good.” 

What is the golden Rule of the internet?

People generally follow back. Unfollow anyone who doesn’t follow you within 2 days.

What Do Tweeters Think of You?

Nothing. No one cares about you they only care what you can do for them.

Twitter Basics

Only Retweet compliments. Pictures have a better chance of being Retweeted & don’t be afraid to Tweet between 50-100 times a day.

“All art is theft. Copy until you develop your own style.”

How Many Followers Do You Really Need?

You only need 1,000 true and loyal followers that will buy what you’re selling, genuinely.

How To Hack Instagram?
  • Use Hashtags, you’re allowed to use as many hashtags on Instagram as you want as long as you post them within 10 minutes.
  • Make sure you use hashtags on Instagram that rank well and avoid typical ones such as #Love because they turnover quickly and your photo will be lost and forgotten. Use sites like Websta.
  • Target a niche group of followers and influencers that will follow and promote your page
  • Shoutouts are a critical way of getting ahead .
  • Those typical “double tap if,” and “tag a friend who…” work and you should be using them on Instagram.
  • Regram- Get permission first and credit the owner of photo but regramming is pivotal to building your Instagram account.

“Don’t take advice from people who have never done what you are doing.”

To Give or Not To Give?

The more you give away for free, the more you get back. Opportunities just come in so don’t be greedy.

Outreach is EVERYTHING!

Follow & Reach out to people daily, ask to Guest Blog, book your own talk and build your network constantly.

Just incase you think I’ve spilled all the Secret Sauces of Success, you’re wrong. Vincent Dignan offers an invaluable calibre of knowledge that needs to be seen to be believed. To stay up to date with all his world wide appearances, check out his website.

And yeah, he looks likes a Rock Star, no I am not sleeping with him. ✌?



  1. Jen
    30th June 2016 / 2:27 am

    Interesting. I’ve finished up my 2nd year in college and am feeling a bit…..discouraged. I’ve had people tell me I should look to do work on the internet. Will definitely check these books out and keep those tips in mind. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Piper
    1st July 2016 / 11:28 am

    Great tips here Adriana. One question….I see hashtags on Facebook… that as effective on that social media platform, or is it just a pointless thing to do?

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