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You can toughen up or get thrown around. Kano

Living in London, with all it’s novelty, is life’s greatest kick up the ass. Want to grow up real fast? Move to London (and strike a conversation with a graduate from Eton).  Want to know what it feel like to be poor? Move to London (and walk through Harrods). Want to know what real loneliness feels like? Move to london (and survive a winter, single).

I first moved to London at age 21 without visiting the city beforehand. It was a year of lessons, excitement and yes, plenty of parties. I had an idea of what to expect but nothing anyone said prepared me for what was to come. The lessons could only come from first hand experience. This experience certainly sharpened me up real fast and wouldn’t I be a hawk today if I wasn’t London’s prey yesterday.


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Adriana Kupresak in London

 Ask Yourself, Why Are You Moving?

Before any great big move, you should consider why you’re taking the big leap. Greater job opportunities? A fresh new start? To find love? Broadening your network? To challenge yourself? Your move should be only for yourself and have the potential to fulfil you within.  Don’t move to run away from problems because it will hinder the way you perceive your new found reality.

Also consider how long you’re thinking about living in London. Is the move temporary or long term? Bear in mind, in a city like London, it does take about 6 months to settle in properly and most people claim they did not enjoy the city when they initially arrived. It does taking some getting used to but I suggest you hang in there because the wild ride is well worth it.

Job Hunting- Looking For a Job in London

Depending on your industry, it would be best to start connecting with recruiters/employers before your move. While some people are lucky and find a job almost right away, for others it can take up to two months. The recruitment process can be very slow in London and in demand but don’t let this break your stride. If you’re after a pub/bar job, these places tend to advertise on sites like Gumtree or directly through their front windows. I do believe that walking in and personally distributing your CV is a lot better than applying online where possible.

  Home Hunting – Looking For a Place to Live in London

Potentially the most gruelling, time consuming and exhausting part about moving to London is finding a place to call home. Unfortunately the best areas to live in London will also deplete your bank account. That said, the closer you are to central London (or your workplace) you may pay more but you’ll save on weekly transportation & other expenses such as cabs.Most people generally stick to Zones 1 & 2 as the journey home takes less than 30mins by Tube and Bus, unless it’s Friday and you’re stuck in peak hour traffic while the sky has decided to cry. Websites such as are very popular and far more credible than Gumtree, where you will find a lot of fraud. If a property and price sound too good to be true, it usually is.

Never transfer any funds before viewing a property first. There are also agencies that can help you find a place but I’ve heard more bad stories about them than good, most people claim they are a waste of time. London is full of Real Estate Agents with beautiful properties depending on which area you’d like to live in. It isn’t unusual to have to pay 6 weeks upfront deposit and a month in advance when going through a Real Estate Agent. You do the math.If you’ve never been to London, I suggest you hold off committing to a place for the first 2-3 weeks. If you’re fortunate enough to be able to crash with a friend for a few weeks, do so, otherwise sites like Airbnb have plenty of rooms for you to choose from. Once you’ve wandered around and gotten a feel for the city, you’ll know exactly which area suits you and your lifestyle the best.

Meeting New People & Making Friends in London 

Meeting people in London is easy, making actual friends isn’t. The city moves fast and people are easily distracted by the next best thing or fling. The mood in pubs, bars and clubs is quite fun and chilled, people are friendly but if you’re club hopping in Mayfair territory, you will be judged by how good you look… So stay classy and don’t drink everything because it’s free. There is no such thing as a free drink in Europe so ladies, be smart and look after each other.

Isolation is not key when you’re on foreign land and part of the experience is going out and meeting new people. London is fantastically international and don’t be surprised if you hear several languages walking down one road.

If you’re a travelling woman, on the go and interested in connecting with other women from all over the world, Anna’s Friends is the community for you. As long as women we’re communicating, engaging and looking out for one another, we’ll confidently create a better tomorrow. Anna’s Friends preaches unity among women of all ages, backgrounds and social standings, based here in London with eyes on the world. Join today.

My best advice to you is to plan ahead, save as much money as you can before moving and don’t be discouraged by your first no. This isn’t a city you want to run out of money in, it will make you fat and depressed (been there, done that…never again), so be proactive about what you want and go for it.

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A London reality for many. His sign reads, “Unwanted Item, seeking human compassion.”

This post was written for my dear friend, Ivka Radas who probably doesn’t need anymore convincing, so I guess I’ll see you soon, right? She’s cool, follow her on Twitter here.

If you’ve got any tips, tricks and advice on moving to London,
place them in the comments section below, I’d love to hear from you.



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