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On Wednesday evening, I sat in a room filled with women, predominately from a Balkan background, and watched the infectious Jasmina Bjelica deliver her personal message on how to let go and “Jazz Up” our lives. Women of all ages were taught how to release the blockages within and most importantly, never apologise for who they are. It was a fascinating insight being in a room with women from the same background, where we identified with how we were brought up and how this has shaped the way we see the world as it is today. We seem to buy into our beliefs because it’s what we were taught from a young age and unfortunately these beliefs stick with us until we decide to remove them from our conscience and incorporated ways of thinking.

“We are unaware of our unawareness.”

Jasmina’s 15 years in Life Coaching circles haven’t gone unnoticed and she is now one of the most sought after coaches in Croatia. Having followed her intuition and ‘many signs from the universe’ she is now focussing on building her business in London and continuing to help others improve their lives. Not only does she provide one on one consultations but also delivers workshops, lectures, and webinars. In particular, The Bars® Workshop that promises to help you unlock the 32 points on our heads that represent every aspect of our lives from creativity to attitudes. The blockages within us are just stuck energies. Remember growing up where you were made to feel inadequate or stupid? Are these feelings and beliefs hindering you from realising a life of ease and success? Are you aware of how you speak to yourself? Do you believe you are enough? If not, it is time to release this bad energy. We turn our lives into stories and allow these stories to define exactly who we think we are. Whether you are divorced, single, unemployed or depressed, you are not your shortcomings.

If one thing is evident throughout Jasmina’s talk is that she absolutely loves what she does and if there is one lesson you must learn very quickly in life, it is to always gravitate towards people living their vocation. These are the people who not only vibrate on a higher level but also lift your energy when you are together, instead of draining it. Her passion for helping us create a change in our lives was inevitably felt by all. Each woman in the room sharing their deep insecurities and vulnerabilities only to be met with Jasmina’s clever, quick-witted solutions. Your point of view creates your reality, how much do you enjoy your reality? Think about it.
How we relate to ourselves is the defining factor on how we perceive the world around us and interact with it. With a poor outlook, plagued by negative connotations on how ‘all that is happening to us’ we fail to acknowledge that we, in fact, attract this energy unconsciously. Wouldn’t you prefer to live a life where you were at peace with your inner self? After all, this is the most important relationship you’ll ever have.

“When you give up your power to the circumstances of your life, you lose. You must always be the Queen of your life. ” Jasmina Bjelica

Jasmina Bjelica





Jasmina Bjelica is based between London and Zagreb, Croatia but available for consultations all over the world. Successful people have their coaches why shouldn’t you?


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  1. Ann
    11th May 2016 / 8:30 pm

    Adriana, thank you so much for sharing this post! I’ve come to realize lately that I am worth more than what is expected of me. And as it has caused some feathers to get ruffled, my own self is more important than anyone else right now. I have cut out many toxic people in my life, and have been gravitating more towards those who ARE successful and therefore it has caused a ripple effect. We only have this one life, make the best of it for yourself and your loved ones. Great, great post. 🙂

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