Mummy will never be this broke or broken again.

And that day, I was willing, I don’t know if this will sound totally crazy, that day I was willing to completely die to any form of me that I had been so that I could birth the woman that I was becoming.

The reason why a lot of people won’t become who they want is because they are too attached to who they’ve been.

I had hit my version of rock bottom.

See, another reason why people won’t get there is because the doorway is for you to fit through. You’re trying to carry everyone else through because you’re trying to be rescue 911 and you have got to rescue you first. I am much more valuable to my family and to my community because I was willing to let them go, go through the door by myself, teach myself, learn myself, condition myself  and then come back and get them. I am much more valuable to them now.

I had to allow my conviction make the inconvenience. You see, we all want to grow but we all want to stay liked by everybody. I was ready to be my own rescue at the risk of your approval. Most of us aren’t like that. Facebook is an example, we want to be liked. Well I woke up and I liked myself today so your like is extra.

My job is to like me first.

I was willing to say everyday, “Lisa you like you?” “Are you proud of you?” “Lisa are you playing for life?” Everyday before I checked in with anybody else. That’s lonely by the way. Why won’t most people do it? Because it’s scary and it’s lonely.

I was willing to find people who had what I didn’t have, who were living lives that I wasn’t living, who believed things that I didn’t know about. I was willing to become their student.

I don’t ever want to think I arrived, my bio is old. When we get caught up in our bio’s, we get caught up in our status.

All your success lies on the other side of service.

I killed my ego every single day, murdered my she-go every single day.

I was willing to be the student first.

I looked at every toxic behaviour in my life, everyone.

You’re trying to protect, hide, prove and defend. If you wake up everyday and say, “I have nothing to protect, I have nothing to prove, I have nothing to hide, I have nothing to defend, now who do I choose to be?” Your energy is consumed with protecting, consuming, hiding. Let go of that, now you’re in creation.

We are under-celebrated.

You want to hear thank you from others more than you are thanking yourself. 

You want to hear other people say ‘I love you’ more than you say I love you to yourself.

The world is following your example on how to treat you. How you treat you, the world is going to follow your lead. 

I had to start treating myself better because I was everything for everybody but nothing for myself.

I was willing to inconvenience my entire life, I was willing to disrupt my entire life to buy my future, to buy my possibility, to give my dream a chance. 

We are not supposed to tuck our dreams in on the pillow when we get up. We are not supposed to leave them at home and go and fulfil somebody else’s dream. That’s not what we’re wired to do.

Our human spirit says, “what’s our command for tomorrow, what do you want to create?”

Your brain is keeping score, your human spirit isn’t. Your brain is designed to keep you safe. Your soul, your intuition, your human spirit is designed to make you soar. 

When you get to the edge, your brain will always tell you to step back because you can fall. Some days you have to listen to your soul and leap. I am here to tell you to jump because only 3 things can happen, you’re either going to jump and fly, you’re going to jump and fall on something soft or you’re going to fall and fall hard. Either way you’re going to get back up. You already know you’ve got what it takes to get back up.

Your greatest fear is not that you will jump off and fall, your greatest fear is that you’ll jump and never fly.

You’re not afraid of dying, you’re afraid of dying before the world sees who you really are, before they really get your finger print, before they really get your contribution, before they really get to feel you- that’s what you don’t want to happen. 

You don’t want to leave this place without us knowing you were here. 

I am an ordinary woman who everyday gets to make one more extra-ordinary decision everyday. 



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    30th November 2017 / 10:37 pm

    I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your ѕites really nice, keep it սp!

    I’ll go ahead and bookmark this page, Lisa Nichols has some great ideas!

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