My entire childhood was a fanatical daydream often drifting into what life was like outside of Sydney. Growing up my parents didn’t have the petty cash they have now and any creative endeavours were doomed and seen as unrealistic- it was better I stuck to university and a full time job, something that never happened anyway. Travelling and experencing new cultures was not encouraged. Although I’d travelled to Europe several times, I’d only flown straight into Croatia, this is typically Croatian of many Croatians.

Paris was meant to happen last year for my birthday but I thank my lucky stars I didn’t share such a magical city with the horrid soul I was supposed to go with. Instead, I waited another year brought along one of my good friends and flew over my cousin from Croatia, who mind you, had never been on a plane before. My lifelong patience was rewarded as every detail I had ever envisioned in my head throughout my childhood unfolded before my eyes over my birthday weekend. I was so scared I’d be let down or disappointed by Paris but beginning from the apartment I’d rented for two nights with direct views of the The Iron Lady herself was only the start to a wonderful weekend in the city of love.

My Message To You- Dreams Do Come True. 

Where We Ate

1. In our Apartment overlooking the view of the Eiffel Tower at night- Pizzas from Quindici 15. 

2. Ladurée on the Champs-Elysées.

3. Picnic at Parc du Champ de Mars, thanks to Marks and Spencer for our mezze & baguettes.

4. Buddha Bar, it was a sushi festival in such a decadent setting.

 A Special Thank You

To the unbelievable hospitality and service at Hotel Fouquet’s just off the Champs-Elysées where we dropped by the Le Lucien Hotel bar for drinks and after announcing it was my birthday at midnight and currently my girlfriend’s 30th, the staff took a surprising initiative to bring out a chocolate cake with sparkler and sing Happy Birthday at our table. Can I also mention that the cocktails at this bar are delicious but at 26€ a pop, how could they not be?

“I shut my eyes and felt myself smile. I’ve never smiled like this before I’ve fallen asleep. I then burst into laughter, picking myself up and looking over my shoulder. Yep, she was still there. Her lights may have been turned off and maybe she lost all her shine, it didn’t matter. I could see her shadow and she was the reason why I shut my eyes for the first time in a very long time, with a smile.” 

We’ll always have Paris.





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