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Hello from Ljubljana, Slovenia where I have had the most wonderful weekend away from London. This trip has given me a slight dose of the travel bug and now I can’t wait to get away, again. Which leaves me to wonder, am I over living in London or do I just need to get away more? There’s lots happening this month, including moving flats (still in Chelsea), visiting family in Croatia and potentially another weekend away back here in this beautiful city Ljubljana. A lot of restaurant reviews coming up also, I am still puzzled at how good food has become a focal point in my life. Needless to say, I’m very excited for April.

♥ Fave Meal

Adriana Kupresak | Weekly favourites

According to TripAdvisor, Pop’s Place is the #1 place to eat and be seen in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I’d love to get into further details about having lunch here  but sadly you’ll have to wait a little longer for the full review.

♥ Fave Song

Stoja | Evropa – This song takes me back to my early 20s when I would blast this in my car while driving down the freeway in Sydney. I seriously think I was a gypsy in my former life. If I could see Stoja live somewhere during my Balkan travels, I think I’ll die complete- Stoja along with Adelisa, Lepa Brena, Selma Bajrami & Dragana Mirkovic.

I have been in total Euro mode and focus since releasing my Balkan Series. From the the music, to culture, to travel guides- completely immersed in the land I am headed towards for two months and have been taking in all your advice and suggestions. My cousin’s wife is currently working on my “actual itinerary” because the route I have penned down is apparently absurd according to her. When dates are confirmed where I’ll be and for how long, I’ll update my post and let you all know. As for now, I’m 3 weeks away from spending some time in Croatia and can’t wait to see my sister who I haven’t seen for almost two and a half years and the rest of my family.


Jedva čekam da sam nazad u Hrvatsku svama, brojim dane. Pusa.  

♥ Favourite Quote

“Similarly, it’s hustle, not talent that is the differentiator between entrepreneurs who succeed and those who don’t. I have never seen anyone increase their his or her natural talent, but I have seen people transform themselves by increasing their hustle.” Gary Vaynerchuk, #ASKGARYVEE

♥ Currently Reading

Adriana Kupresak | Ask Gary Vee

The hottest matzah ball on the market at the moment is Gary Vaynerchuk and I think he’s going to be hot for a while. I am absolutely glued to his book #ASKGARYVEE which is a collaborative effort coinciding with his popular YouTube Channel. I’m going to review this book properly when I finish it, which I hope to do over the next few days.

♥ Thought of The Week?

“Everything you need is inside you.”

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