I began my week with major pms.

Whether it was pms or a combination of work overload or the fact that my “holidays” were over, joining forces to drop me into an emotional state, I was not the most pleasant person to be around early in the week. On an even darker note, I found out that the SD Card I had been using during my travels in Croatia was totally corrupt, meaning the files from Supetar and Blue Lagoon are totally gone and cannot be recovered. Since I worked out almost immediately on the day that my files were eating themselves in a folder in my fancy schmancy new camera, my nerves have been on edge as some of the best footage came from those 24 hours. *Insert crying face here* Even the footage of me getting busted by police with a bottle of vodka on the streets of Supetar in Brac & getting away with it has to be faded into our memories (I got away with a 100€ on the spot fine). Well, basically I was told to go home, instead I did a victory dance in the middle of the street but have since checked myself into online AA. You’ll hear more about this in the next few months as I progress into a more sober lifestyle.

♥ Fave Quote 

“I stopped telling myself that I’m lost. I’m not. I’m on a road with no destination, I’m just driving with hope that I’ll find a place that I like and I’ll stay there. I’m not lost, I’m on my way.” 

♥ I’m Not Croatian? 

♥ This Made Me Laugh 


♥ Looking Forward To

Moving to Zagreb this week and starting my new life there.

Adriana Kupresak

Currently Reading

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts, what a rebel.

♥ Currently Listening To 

Sam Feldt ft. Heidi Rojas – Shadows Of Love (FlicFlac Remix)

♥ Mantra of The Week

Remain Fearless. 


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