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So, I went on a little rant deep into Friday evening on my Instagram and Facebook in regards to the EU Referendum Results, you can read it here. It was no surprise that my personal Facebook page gained the most attention, in particularly from family and friends in Australia and my British ones sat back and watched.  I know quite a few British citizens who voted out with reasons stemming from immigration (we can’t take in 330k a year, there’s no space) to economic (what’s the EU doing for us anyway compared to what we are doing for them?) and yes fine, they are valid points. However, the influx of hate, bigotry and ignorance started to spread through social media in comments supporting the theme of “Get out of my country.” This is a whole separate conversation that I think YouTuber JaaackMaate really nails in this video. Or for a political read, Tim Farron nails his point of view on The Huffington Post.

The result doesn’t affect me in any way, London is my home and I’m building an empire here as each day passes. The result does affect my family from Croatia willing to come here and build a new life away from a village mentality they call their every day reality. In Australia, such hatred and fear of the unknown or minority groups doesn’t exist and in times of uncertainty, it’s amazing how much stronger the community becomes. Take the 2014 Sydney Siege that occurred in Martin Place that stopped the entire nation and world as an example. It was one of the saddest incidences in the country’s short history that united the nation and made it a stronger egalitarian society. No one was running around telling people of the Muslim community to “get out of their country” because it was everyone’s country. It’s very un-Australian to walk around telling people to “get out,” which is why I think Friday’s Brexit result really struck a nerve with me.

London is a fabulous city and the result of the London voters was expected and no surprise. The reaction from the rest of the UK was very sad, selfish and disgraceful, the comments on Social Media were even worse. I think the voters of out have lost touch with what it is to be a compassionate human being instead of a greedy one. I was out for drinks at Sushi Samba on Friday and struck a conversation with two British men at the bar who both voted out. One argument was, “I own a construction company and the safety laws because of the EU are just outrageous. My workers can’t work more than 40 hours a week…” God forbid they weren’t allowed longer hours to contribute to his second Ferrari. I told him that if he thought the UK laws in regards to safety were obscene, he should try and open up a construction firm in Australia where the OH&S Laws would triumph his concerns right now.

I won’t write anything more about my discontent but I do believe many British citizens could learn a lot from the ways Australians deal with times of fear and uncertainty because the people you fear and don’t want here will always find a way to be here.

Love has no religion, no nationality, no passport.

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Jordan Axani on and Girl on Girl Crime by InTheFrow 

♥ Fave New Discovery

thumb_SLOANE BROS2_1024

The Sloane Bros. Frozen Yoghurt Co. in Brick lane, London.

♥ A video About a Blog Post of Mine? Yep! 

Incase you missed or were too lazy to read my 9+ Tips on Becoming a Successful Blogger, a video was created with the best points and guess what? It’s less than a minute long- Take a look here…

♥ All Eyes On


This amazing sunset and view at Sushi Samba in London.

♥ A Special Thank You To 

The Billion Roses who took in my urgent last minute order for my sister’s kitchen tea that I sadly missed because I’m in the opposite end of the world.


How gorgeous does my sister look too? Lots of love, see you in Montenegro x

♥ Mantra For The Week Ahead

“The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.”  Robert Kiyosaki

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  1. Piper
    1st July 2016 / 11:37 am

    I am on the fence about Brexit….so I won’t get into that at all. And looks definitely prevail in your family…your sister is just as gorgeous as you! 🙂 (And no, I’m not of that inclination….I’m just confident enough to compliment other women!)

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