PHOTO DIARY: Uvala Lovrečina, Postira ・ Island Brač, Croatia

This summer I visited The Pearl of the Adriatic and hype of Croatia, Dubrovnik and I wasn’t too fazed. I also went back to Split for the third time in the last 12 months and liked it a little more than before. Croatia’s island of luxury, Hvar was also seen and experienced, it was good but reminded me of my old life in Sydney- party, drinks, boys and sex. Whatever, I can’t say I was impressed, I was probably more in a comfort zone. But there was something slightly different about Island Brač, it still held onto it’s charm and everything about it felt authentic.

Emma and I made the conscious decision to stay indoors during our time in Split (The first night we fell asleep, the second we literally C-B-F) when meant that we made the 9am boat for an island tour of Brac. It ended up being one of the most memorable and longest days of our time together, partly because we started drinking at 10am and kept eating all day which meant we balanced our systems out.




Our boat ride took us to this stunning little bay called Lovrečina, Postira which had no WiFi but super strong black coffee. I had a bit of work to do so we sat it a cafe with one of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen in my life. This began my love affair with Brac Island.


Don’t forget to check out our vlog while on Brac Island where we also show our first jump into the Adriatic Sea!

What do you think? Could you give up some WiFi for a view like this?


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