During my visit to Maribor, Slovenia over the weekend I had the pleasure of staying in one of the city’s finer hotels. Hotel Betnava is a modern and impressive 4-star hotel and wellness centre, located 5 minutes from the city centre by car. One of my favourite things about Slovenia is Slovenian people and I share with confidence that I believe they are much friendlier than Croatian people and the reception staff at Hotel Betnava were no exception to my theory. I enjoy hotels where the interaction is not “too fussy” or difficult because in reality it shouldn’t be and I just loved the way the staff communicated in a professional and friendly way.

The check-in and reception area at Hotel Betnava is located on the second floor and there is open WiFi available that is super fast, as good as The Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb. If you need to work from the hotel, upload or download a lot of content, you won’t have any problems with lag or disconnections.

Maribor, Slovenia is known to be the home of the world’s oldest vineyard and wine. Why didn’t I come here a year ago? We know how much I used to enjoy my vintage red wine.


We are all aware that AK over here is always impressed with a room with her favourite word beginning with s…. space. A double room with king bed may seem as a little excessive for a single person but for me, it’s just the right amount of space. This ‘boutique‘ style room also comes with a fully functional mini bar, executive desk, TV, wardrobe space and two large mirrors, perfect for those mirror selfies. Yes, the bed was very comfortable and had me hitting the snooze button, once.

We are all aware that AK over here is always impressed with a room with her favourite word beginning with s…. space.

What about the bathroom? The bathroom had enough space for me to turn without hitting my elbows,  so it passed my test. This may seem silly to you if you’re a first time reader but I am quite fussy about bathrooms because they often seem to be quite small in Europe. The bathroom at Hotel Betnava was very clean and the shower had fantastic water pressure, maybe too high if that’s even possible. It also came with basic travel necessities such as a tooth brush kit, sewing kit, and shower cap, to name a few. If you don’t like to travel with body wash, shampoo and conditioner, Hotel Betnava has you covered with a combined 3 in 1 gel at your disposal. I’m not generally a big fan of these to use in my hair because I need conditioner to revive my poor hair however, for other people it’s perfectly fine.


Breakfast is included in the price when you stay at Hotel Betnava. I did arrive closer towards the end of breakfast so my images don’t look as good as they would if I had arrived at 7am but as you can see, there is something to appeal to anyone. A buffet breakfast features fresh local produce, the fruit was a personal favourite of my own and of course I had to try the cheeses, I just simply can’t give up cheese, it is my weakness. If cooked breakfasts are more your kind of thing, there is a generous selection of bacon, sausages and eggs. Another weakness of mine is pastry and there were plenty of croissants to feed my appetite.


Hotel Betnava is located in the southern outskirts of Maribor city or “other side of the bridge” and city centre, this was convenient for me because I had a meeting to attend the following day 5 minutes away from the hotel. From the city centre it shouldn’t cost more than 8€ by taxi but if it’s a nice day, I encourage you to walk down the main road where you will find yourself on Titova Most (Tito Bridge), which overlooks the stunningly lit up, Glavni Most (Main Bridge) in the evening. This shouldn’t take you more than 25-30 minutes.



I had such a lovely time and stay at Hotel Betnava and even though I was only there for a day and a half, I returned to Zagreb feeling fresh and like I had taken a week off from my life. If you’re visiting Maribor in Slovenia or passing by, I highly recommend staying over night and really taking the time to unwind and experience the city properly. Hotel Betnava is perfect for any type of traveller and although it is known as a business hotel, it makes the lonesome traveller like myself feel right at home.

Rooms start from 70€, visit their website for more information.

*My stay at Hotel Betnava was complimentary however, all views, observations and opinions are my own.*

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