Not everyone likes to stay in a hotel and with sites such as AirBnB and, finding a home away from home is much easier and accessible these days. I was fortunate enough to spend a few nights at Travelbook Apartment, owned by my friend Jasminka who was after an “honest” review of her new flat in Zagreb that she was looking forward to renting out to tourists. I’m all for honesty but let’s face the facts, it’s difficult to fault the type of flat that meets all my needs as a modern day traveller.

Travelbook Apartment is located in a trendy part of Zagreb called Donji Grad and within walking distance to the city centre (15-20mins) and main bus station (10mins). The nearest bus and tram lines are 5 minutes away foot, so you really do have everything at your doorstep. Even local favourite, Akun Bar is in the same building and the perfect place to hold a business meeting or have your morning coffee.

Travelbook Apartment comfortably sleeps 4 people and is pet friendly, a silver dog bowl awaits your pooch on the kitchen floor. Upon entry you feel the fresh crisp air and are immediately hit with the flat’s newness. This one bedroom apartment has floor boards throughout is located on the first floor of the building, overlooking a quiet inner city street. Despite it’s close proximity to Akun Bar, the apartment is relatively safeguarded from unwarranted noises from outside.

The living area is a comfortable and contemporary-cool space that has plenty of natural light. I can’t stress how much I am obsessed with natural light so Travelbook Apartment definitely ticks the boxes in that arena. Another box I can tick is the energy of the flat, there’s a good positive vibration, and feeling of calm.  I had a deadline to meet for Tiny Buddha and considering the context of my content, it was the perfect environment to be in in silence.

Another aspect of the flat I really enjoyed was the kitchen. Yes, I know- I don’t seem like the type to find myself in a kitchen often but I can appreciate a good one when I come across one. Travelbook Apartment is fully equipped with pots and pans, even a few varieties of tea and coffee, depending on what you prefer- making you feel right at home.

One more thing I can always appreciate because I have a terrible lower back is a good mattress. Jasminka asked me how the bed was and all I could remember was that if I didn’t have an alarm to wake me in the morning, I would have happily slept on. The bedroom consists of one double bed, crisp linen, large wardrobe and access to the balcony.

Every time I travel and stay somewhere new, I always do the ‘bathroom test’ where I stick my elbows out and spin hoping that nothing hits my elbows. It’s silly, I know but you’d be amazed at how small some bathrooms can be in Europe. As you have probably noticed, I like space. Not in an extravagant way but I really do appreciate a spacious bathroom. Travel book Apartment passes my bathroom test and also features a bathtub, shower with floor heating. A washing machine is also located in the bathroom, along with a hairdryer.

Price: upon request – depends on the season.

Please contact Jasminka at for a quotation.

Final verdict?

Like I said to Jasminka as I was handing back the keys, her apartment literally is goals. I’m not always too hot on hotels and in Zagreb there aren’t too many to choose from that are top class apart from The Esplanade, so there aren’t many places I can recommend here. However, Travelbook Apartment meets all the requirements to ensure a comfortable stay in a home away from home.


** My stay at Travelbook Apartment was complimentary. All views, observations and opinions are my own. **


  1. MC
    1st October 2017 / 4:04 pm

    Great post! Thanks for sharing

  2. Ljubomir
    1st October 2017 / 4:08 pm

    I truly love Croatia and we traveled there from Slovenia last summer. It was an unforgettable trip! Will consider this apartment next time I’m in Zagreb

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