Island Brač so far is my favourite island in Croatia. Yes, I prefer it over the commercialised Island Hvar where people parade and party like it’s 1999.

There was a touch of authenticity on Island Brač, one that felt like it hasn’t sold itself out. Locals were chatty and charismatic, while cities no matter how large or small were enchanting and lead you wanting to see more. My only regret is that I didn’t spend more time on Brač but my curiosity to experience more will have me back again.

Emma and I had the privilege of staying in one of Supetar’s finest Resort Style Villa’s complete with outdoor pool, sauna and masseuse. What more could you possible want while on holidays? Hotel Villa Adriatica is family owned and run and if the Villa’s TripAdvisor reviews are anything to go by, it’s the place to stay in Supetar. Just a stone throw away from Supetar’s city centre and 3 minute walk to Supetar Beach, the villa offers satellite TV, super fast WiFi and a shuttle bus.


As Emma and I were dropped off in front of the Villa by our lovely driver who picked us up from Postira, another part of Brac Island, our complaints over our heavy luggage were overheard by the owner, Zlatko who joked with us over our distress. Neither of us were strangers to an alcoholic beverage and were open to anything to alleviate the anguish over our discussion revolving around why our bags seem to be getting heavier and heavier each time we move hotels. This is still an unsolved mystery.

We were then greeted with a shot of local liquor each in the reception area that had to be eaten with a bite of local fig, something Emma struggled with but true to my Balkan Blood, I helped her finish hers. All guests to Villa Adriatica are greeted the same way. Following a deep conversation about our travels and a private tour around the resort, we were shown to our room but immediately changed and headed straight to the pool area.

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Zlatko and his team were committed to ensuring each guest was comfortable and happy. It was evident through the way they interacted with everyone and happily met all their needs. It goes without saying that Emma and I had a few basic needs that needed to be met each day. Truffle, iced coffee (cigarettes- for her not me), a beach and alcohol. Basically, anything revolving around food was good enough.

OK, so we’ve decided to order the truffle and bacon pasta, octopus salad and cheese pizza, along with two long island iced teas,” I leave my order with Zlatko at the reception desk who looks confused.

Is this for the two of you or are you expecting someone else?” he asks.

No no, just Emma and I, trust me, we will eat it all…

Zlatko sends our request to a local restaurant considered to have ‘the best truffle on the island.’ I hold him on that thought because I’m fairly certain I just tried the best truffle at the Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb. If there was one thing I learned very quickly about Zlatko was that he was a man of his word and that truffle pasta ended up being an iconic benchmark Emma and I compared all our other meals to. It also drove my snapchat story into an envious frenzy.


Hotel Villa Adriatica is 4 star accommodation and predominately known for it’s rooms overlooking the glorious Adriatic Sea and while this is an option, Emma and I were more than delighted with our ground floor room (hooray no more stairs!) with generous  sized terrace area. Our room had ample amounts of space, large enough for our suit cases and consisted of a Queen size bed, wardrobe space and presentable bathroom. High ceilings also made the room nice and cool, perfect for the heat wave happening outside. Hotel Villa Adriatica was very clean and had a fresh “homely” feel throughout.

While there were many touristic attractions less than 10 minutes away by foot, Emma and I were more than happy to stay and sunbath by the pool and drink our cocktails. We did however, stop by ROSO Restaurant & Bar later in the evening and danced the night away. It’s a miracle that we made it in time on our speed boat for the island tour!

I can’t recommend Hotel Villa Adriatica enough. From the hospitality, the location and to the actual amenities of the hotel itself, everything you ever needed while on holidays, was provided. My only regret is that I didn’t spend more time exploring the town as 24 hours was nowhere near enough time.

Hotel Villa Adriatica 

Address | Put Vele Luke 31, 21400, Supetar, Croatia
Phone | +385 21 755 010


Disclaimer : Unfortunately all my images during my visit to Supetar, Villa Adriatica and Blue Lagoon were lost and unable to be recovered on my SD Card. I had computer specialists attempt to recover my data (including video) but were unsuccessful. It was so distressing and for a while I felt like I'd let down those invested in my content and businesses associated with myself but have come to the realisation that these things do happen and are often inevitable. I've worked my way around it, therefore I have used and credited images from other sources that have shared their pictures online.  

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  1. Matt
    30th April 2018 / 11:48 am

    I stayed at villa Adriatica last summer and absolutely loved it! Supetar town centre within walking distance, people are so nice I llove brac island

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