Ask anyone about luxury Hotel Esplanade in Zagreb and they’ll either have a story to share about an event they attended, rubbing shoulders with local Politicians and celebrities while sipping one too many martinis or how it is the most iconic hotel in Zagreb. Not all stories are spoken from personal experience but all stories have one underlying similarity, Hotel Esplanade is the best hotel in Zagreb.

“Welcome to a Cool, Luxurious Hotel.” Ivica Max Krizmanic

My initial image of Esplanade in Zagreb would rival the Ritz in London, a little outdated yet sharing the same kind of reputation, one where generations of regular guests returned to and others dreamed of visiting. I couldn’t be more wrong and upon entering Esplanade Zagreb through valet, I was greeted by outgoing doormen who were eager to welcome me to my new home for the next 24 hours. I’d be lying if I said that by the end of those 24 hours, I didn’t want to stay…forever.

Adriana Kupresak | One Night at The Esplanade Hotel | Zagreb, Croatia

The Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb was a breath of fresh air where the service was unfussy and perpetually professional. “Can we order two Pornstar Martinis to the room?” No problem. “You said it was your friend’s birthday, can I organise a special birthday cake and surprise her in the next 15 minutes?” Sure.  “Are you able to organise a table for three at Zinfandel’s for 9pm?” Not a problem. “Could I order two coffees to our room, please?” A jug of coffee arrives in less than 5 minutes.

It is no surprise that Esplanade Hotel is a firm favourite for business executives, celebrities and the luxe traveller. Staff share the same initiative where anything goes, generally an uncommon trait in service in Croatia. Perhaps I have been spoilt, but after spending many years working in the hospitality industry myself, I understand the importance of customer satisfaction first hand and service is one of the first things I will always notice. The level of service at the Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb is second to none, the hotel is simply in a league of their own. I enjoy being around staff who are not afraid to ask you how you are or where you are from, initiating conversations and who actually know how to hold a conversation. There were so many factors that made Esplanade Zagreb remind me of the Executive Club Lounge at Hotel Arts in Barcelona.

Adriana Kupresak | One Night at The Esplanade Hotel | Zagreb, Croatia

Our Superior Room was excessive to say the least, decorated with fresh roses and a tray of welcoming sweets. Our room also had unparalleled views of Zagreb courtesy of two balconies on either end of the room giving you a birds eye view of the beautiful city, along with a  King sized bed for two Queens. You can understand why we didn’t want to leave. While the wardrobe was large enough for anyone looking to unpack their large suitcases comfortably, sadly Emma and I would end up ending our decade long friendship over wardrobe space.  A large plasma TV was also readily available along with an executive desk.

You can understand why we didn’t want to leave.

Adriana Kupresak | One Night at The Esplanade Hotel | Zagreb, Croatia

The bathroom was my second favourite part of the room, second to the balconies. Not only was there enough space to turn but I thoroughly enjoyed the opulent marble and glass finishings throughout. The shower was accessible through a glass door and separate to the toilet, also accessible through a door and for those after a bath (How very English), there was also a bathtub large enough for two people. Another big tick for Esplanade came from the L’Occitane cosmetics that had us both excited to get into the shower, not together.

Adriana Kupresak | One Night at The Esplanade Hotel | Zagreb, Croatia

The Esplanade Hotel is located in the heart of Zagreb, within walking distance to all local attractions and a stone throw away from Trg Kralja Tomislava. This would be particularly useful if you’re visiting Zagreb around Christmas as this Trg is the winner of Europe’s Best Advent in 2015, will Zagreb win again in 2016?

I look back at my 24 hours at The Esplanade and remember how content I felt in such a personable environment. Everyone was friendly and smiley and would go out of their way to see a smile on your face too. Yes, there is a strong traditional reputation that The Esplanade must uphold but it’s clear they’re moving with the times and have adjusted their service to tailor each guest and their individual needs. Some whispers have mentioned that it’s an intimidating place while others say it’s charm will hold you captive, I agree with the latter. I am forever grateful to be able to visit a hotel and feel right at home.

Adriana Kupresak | One Night at The Esplanade Hotel | Zagreb, Croatia

Take a look at our short video on our evening at the Esplanade including dinner at the famous Zinfandal’s Restaurant

Website | Hotel Esplanade Zagreb 

Address | Mihanovićeva ul. 1, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Phone | +385 1 4566 666


** My stay at Esplanade Hotel Zagreb was complimentary and part of a press trip. All views, observations and opinions are my own.


  1. ahmed
    25th September 2016 / 6:17 pm

    i rich i buying for you a suite in this hotel you marry me

  2. Axel
    29th September 2016 / 11:27 pm

    I Never stayed in Esplanade but I heard its everything like you said. Great post! Kiss from Vienna

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