Klisab’s SS17 collection titled, ‘Resilience‘ has a catchy hook to it and relevantly so, the designer’s ability to bounce back stronger each season while still adhering to their aesthetic is one of absolute brilliance and courage. Some designers move with the trends, being commercially viable while others set the trends. Klisab can categorically be confirmed as one of Croatia’s leaders in design, innovation and trend-setting.

Similar to their creative process where designers, Tomislav Kliskinic and Marko Sabaric don’t think too far ahead, they dwell in the moment, the Klisab woman is one who knows exactly who she is and worries about the future, yesterday. She is strong, individual and understands the importance of owning a few key ‘power pieces,’ many of whom can be found in Klisab’s latest collection.

5 Things You Need To Know About Klisab’s SS17 Collection 


The design duo are known for placing stitches in unsuspecting locations on garments and adding rings & knots to sleeves. The latest collection was filled with updates on trademark shapes and pieces they’ve already established for the Klisab name.


Forget distressed denim and let’s take a moment to appreciate Klisab’s reinvention of vintage denim. Jackets were created from vintage denim cut-offs that were boiled at high temperatures and then sewn together to create a patchwork look that had the usual poker-faced fashion crowd suddenly adding these pieces to their wish list. Whether you’re into more over-sized pieces or structured, the collection had a great selection to suit every type of fashionista.

Sticking true to their DNA, Klisab paid closer attention to sleeves where rings were added halfway up the arm, giving the option to cinch up the sleeve by a strap starting from the wrist. Some pieces also had  their signature strap around the wrist for an easy knot to be tied, giving off a refined and playful look.


We know that pleats aren’t every woman’s cup of tea however, Klisab have perfected the art of an avant-garde style pleat. If you feel pleats are too “girly” for your wardrobe, Klisab have you covered with their structured pleated skirts and uneven hemlines, the perfect transitional piece from season to season. Wear with a pair of strappy heels in summer or over the knee boots in winter.


Pinstripes are no doubt a winning look. They are flattering, glamorous, yet youthful and cool. The pinstriped high waisted pants looked polished and chic enough to wear on the weekend with just a tank top, tote and sandals- just don’t forget your Céline edge sunglasses. We loved Klisab’s personalised touch on the pants where a split ran up just under the knee.

True to Klisab’s signature style, relaxed silhouettes were met with more structured pieces, balancing each look entirely. We loved the way the pinstriped pieces were juxtaposed with bright bold jackets that added a sense of carefree eighties glamour.


This season sees the introduction of Klisab’s first line of 100% leather accessories, handmade here in Croatia. Outfits were decorated with leather bags, held together by metal rings as the strap, something fresh, new and obscene on the Croatian fashion scene. We particularly loved the miniature version where three smaller variations were connected in contrasting colour tones and fabrications.

This was a wardrobing collection with practical, wearable pieces for work and play. Dominating darker tones were softened with pastel pinks and faded denim while pink pinstripes played a role in breaking up the black, if you looked close enough.

Klisab are in a league of their own in cutting edge fashion that doesn’t compromise on quality, style and wearability. At State of Style we don’t often agree on all things but all three of us believe that Klisab’s trademark seems to be outdoing themselves each season, don’t you agree?

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