Robert Sever, one of the most influential fashion designers in the Croatian fashion industry, opened Bipa ‘s 25th season in none other than spectacular chic style. The collection called, “Kristina,” was a mixture of floatly feminity, tailored sophistication to oversized grandpa coats. Sticking with his allegience to the 70s in 2017, Sever’s wearable runway trends were perfectly in line with the season for when the temperatures start to drop with smart layering and the use of faux furs.

A new addition to Robert Sever’s collection was a line of menswear featuring local footballer Filip Lazov as the face of the campaign. Just when you thought 16 years in the business is long enough to get you stale, Sever showed that you don’t need to be a size 6 to wear his pieces by creating looks for Croatia’s first plus size model, Lucija Lugomer who proudly strutted down the runway and showed the country that real fashion is for everybody.


While in some retrospects dark floral hues can be a little dated and difficult to bring forward as a trend, Sever masterfully redefines style made ready to wear by giving women the option to wear it how they most feel comfortable. For example, the staple wrap a dress, resembling last season’s Sophia dress can be worn as a dress teamed up with some heels for an intimate dinner or layered over a blouse and a pair of cigarrette pants for a trendy office look. I particularly loved the high neckline on his latest dresses that were perfectly layered under faux fur vests and knee length suede boots. The styling was effortless and chic.


The styling was effortless and chic. 


Robert Sever kept his own personal style in mind as inspiration for his menswear collection. Being the designer and your own muse may seem like a diffcult task but when your inspo comes from an era generally defined as “the best decade ever,” you can expect that 70s sass & sex appeal to seep through. Filip showed us how to rock denim on denim, breaking up the blue with a stripe tweed coat.

Sever’s masculine dandy meets preppy style was evident throughout his AW17 collection with tweed military coats and distressed denim jackets the feature pieces over his more minimalistic attire underneath. The look was causal and relaxed, however finished touches with faint tartan scarves and faux fur collars added an element of completeness to the entire look.

Sever’s masculine dandy meets preppy style was evident throughout his AW17 collection.


Each season Robert Sever brings out a self proclaimed “Best Selling” dress which ends up being, the best selling dress. Last season it was the Sophia, this season it is the Iris Dress. Sever created several variations of the Iris dress consisting of different fabrications, colours and prints. The Iris dress is  the shape of one of Robert’s first memories of his mother’s dresses as a child. Personally, I am loving the red dress (pictured above) that has a slightly baroque style pattern.

Adhering to being able to dress women of all shapes and sizes, the Iris dress is also perfect for all occasions and can be styled with heels, boots or simply with a pair of flats, making Iris the idea autumnal dress without being  over the top.


If you ver wondered if it were approriate to wear sequins during the colder months of the year, Sever showed us that it is not only approriate but that you most certainly should be adding some sparkle to your wardrobe. Key pieces featured emerald green dresses that touched the ankles and had a slit on the side, oh so sexy.


I love a good skinny leg pant with a full bodied blouse on top, I find it a timeless look that transitions well from day to night. Sever is the King of relaxed fitting blouses and it wasn’t until I tried a few pieces from last season that I noticed that the man knows how a piece of fabric should drape on a woman’s body.  I also had a slight eye on the grandpa style coat, reminiscent of the one I had two years ago from Max Mara. I believe you should never underesimate the power behind a coat that takes one hell of a woman to rock.


With another successful season under his belt, 60 looks done and dusted, Robert Sever continues his reign as one of the more anticipated shows on the Croatian Fashion Scene.




  1. Eva
    26th October 2017 / 8:38 pm

    I love reading your descriptions and in your writing I can see your love, passion and respect for the designer and fashion industry. Great post Adriana!

  2. 29th October 2017 / 9:10 pm

    Great as always! Excellently written 😉

    • 1st November 2017 / 2:34 pm

      Hvala ti Matija, it was really nice to see you there also! xx

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