Klisab’s SS17 collection titled, ‘Resilience‘ has a catchy hook to it and relevantly so, the designer’s ability to bounce back stronger each season while still adhering to their aesthetic is one of absolute brilliance and courage. Some designers move with the trends, being commercially viable while others set the trends. Klisab can categorically be confirmed as one of Croatia’s leaders in design, innovation and trend-setting.… View Post


My first official Fashion Week in Croatia, done and dusted! While I am genuinely not too interested in being out after (State of Style) work hours because my schedule lately has been chaos hence why I have been neglecting this blog and my Youtube Channel, Bipa Fashion.hr is considered work.… View Post


It’s official, fashion has developed a natural affinity for fuss-free, streamlined style this spring and Robert Sever’s latest collection called, ‘Julija,’ was no exception to the trend. Sever opened Bipa Fashion.hr with his distinctive signature chic style, wow-ing fans and newcomers. He is known as the ‘go-to‘ designer for the modern woman and one thing Robert understands is that women might want to be strong one day, soft another, this theme was prevalent throughout the collection.

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