When I write from my heart, I write for no one but myself. I don’t consider who I may hurt or offend, who may think lesser of me- Nobody is factored into my work when I write. I write to those wounds that open up and say “please heal me,” I write to that part of me that never felt it was enough. I write until tears fall past my cheeks and another layer of my hate for myself is unravelled. I write for my inner child, one who was always afraid to be transparent and always shamed for sharing her truth. I write to document my progress forward, sometimes even backward. I write to inform myself that I am no longer my pain, I am no longer it’s prisoner and each word I release into the world is another step closer to freedom- But I have a very long way to go. … View Post


It’s a little funny because, everything that I have now or anything on it’s way, I knew would happen the moment I removed myself from the environment that was no longer working for me. The thing is though, London was always my comfort zone and sadly, living in your comfort zone leaves little room for improvement. I met with the organiser for TEDx here in Zagreb last week and he asked, “You’re a queen of change. Do you even fear it anymore?” I said no.

[blockquote]I constantly want to be learning new ways of improving how to live better, healthier and wiser. And most importantly, letting go of what no longer serves me because I most likely longer serve it too.[/blockquote]

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