Our Skipper, Captain, and (my personal) Lifeguard, Karlo goes through the ‘Yacht Rules.’ No charging of anything while we are sailing, no showering longer than three minutes and no flushing of toilet paper down the toilet. Oh my god, w-t-f is my life for the next week, I thought sailing was meant to be luxe.… View Post

Hot boys, warm weather & suitcases full of clothes- Where do two girls formally regular furniture fixtures at Marquee in Sydney go out in Split? What a wonderful question. The answer is no where. We penned in plans to go out on Saturday night, clubs in Split start from 1am and while we set our alarms to get ready beforehand, we over slept our alarms. A similar story follows for Sunday evening also but instead we kind of kicked into “CBF” mode around 1130pm. This also meant that we didn’t miss our 9am boat the following morning so it was a win win for all.

Split didn’t get a scandal and Brac Island received a pair of looney tunes craving truffle sauce and iced coffee.… View Post