What happens when you combine some of London’s favourite bloggers on a classic London Routemaster bus, filled with treats from BB Bakery? Well, a classic Backstreet Boys sing along. Jasmine and Claire sure now how to get the party bus started. Have no idea what I’m on about? Click here. Don’t you wish you were there?

It was an afternoon of laughter hosted by Thistle Hotels who gave us an opportunity to experience London’s Top Attractions from a bird’s-eye view while indulging in some fine sweets and yes, salmon blini’s (I still haven’t overcome my ridiculous obsession with salmon). Our journey began at The London Eye, which in itself is a marvellous attraction and photo opportunity. An even better photo-op is one of London’s most impressive architecture, Big Ben that will have you stop, stare and appreciate it’s beauty even on your 100th visit like me.

We drove by Buckingham Palace, up past Harrods and Royal Albert Hall with a wonderful view of Hyde Park on our right. Notting Hill didn’t appear to be buzzing as much as usual but once we hit Marble Arch, it was an explosion of tourism all over. Thistle Marble Arch hotel is located in the heart of the Oxford Street madness but the beauty of Marble Arch and Hyde Park- Also in close proximity to La Tasca, one of my favourite Spanish restaurants in London and if you look in the picture, there’s a Topshop below the hotel, perhaps don’t tell your partner before booking.

There's a Thistle to my left.... #OxfordStreet

There’s a Thistle to my left…. #OxfordStreet

I’m sure the bus driver was looking forward to his less chaotic journey down past Park Lane but given the entire road closure, he had to venture down Oxford Street. Now, I don’t know anyone who enjoys walking down Oxford street, let alone driving down that road but in London a little patience is always a virtue. This accidental detour gave us the opportunity to experience Piccadilly coming from Regent Street. Thistle also have a boutique hotel called The Every Hotel just between Piccadilly and Leicester Square. Location wise, you can’t get any better in Central London.

There’s no such trip around London without passing by Trafalgar Square or losing yourself inside The National Gallery, which is what I like to do on a day I think I’m depressed and feeling uninspired. There’s always something going on there and on this particular sunny Sunday, The Indonesian Festival was in full swing. Stay at Thistle’s The Royal Trafalgar if you’d like an up close and personal experience with London city.


Take a Look at Thistle’s Top 10 London Attractions and if you’re planning to visit this magical city alone, with friends or even with the children, don’t look past their latest offers… they even include breakfast.

I can never tire of reseeing all of London’s top sights. Fortunately for me I am blessed to be based in Chelsea which allows me to indulge in the city’s finest attractions from architecture, gallery’s, museums and entertainment within walking distance, anytime at my disposal. Like a typical Londoner (I’ve been here almost a year now, I can call myself a Londoner), I’m always in a rush to get from A to B then C but every so often I tell myself to look up or around because no matter how many times I’ve taken the same road, I still find something new to smile about.

 What are some of your favourite London attractions? 

Personally, mine is the middle of Westminster Bridge where I’m staring between Big Ben & The London Eye, preferably in the evening.


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