Top 5 Christmas Windows on King’s Road, Chelsea |London

I’m a sucker for a good window display and styling, partly because I understand the amount of work and planning involved and can appreciate a well thought out concept. Having worked under two of Australia’s best Creative Directors, Annie Bloom & Natasha Hockley with Visual Empire, my attention to detail is almost ridiculously annoying if you’re shopping with me. I took a stroll down King’s Road, Chelsea and Sloane Street to admire and show you how brands are celebrating the holiday period and hopefully enticing you enough to step inside and make a purchase.

AdrianaKupresakBlog I thought this window was quite fun and effective for Paperchase. It showed off small gift ideas and stocking fillers creatively, without looking overdone or messy.


One can only expect highly respected Home & Lifestyle Company Director Tricia Guild to present the most untraditional yet still inviting windows in the city. A colour palette of blues, greens and whites with splashes of gold could be mistaken for a Sunday summer afternoon BBQ making this window original and timeless. Check out the wreath made from real plants, so stunning in the window as you walk into the store.


This window at Anthropologie could have easily being a messy disaster but take a closer look and you notice the perfect placement of each item making the window highly effective. There’s a nest surrounded by birds, berries and christmas gift ideas. Although the window looks quite dark, the random ‘pops’ of colour and well placed uses of gold, bronze and silver bring the whole window to life.


Lush are not afraid of colours, in fact they thrive off them. The company ethos is clear in the windows with “Dreaming of a bright Christmas” firmly placed at eye level. You can’t help but wonder what’s inside. More colour? Absolutely. Lush always have excellent gift packaging but as you can expect, far from ordinary.


Penhaligon’s London gives the first taste of a traditional Christmas window with rotating baubles and product samples facing the busy King’s Road. There is one tray of luxury men’s products strategically placed at eye level right in the centre of this window. A beautiful window that is elegant and attention grabbing without looking overdone or cheap.

Had a stroll down King’s Road? What have been some of your favourite windows?

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  1. 18th December 2014 / 4:49 pm

    Haven’t had a proper look on King’s Road for few week but I always like Penhaligon’s displays.

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