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Lucky lucky me
, my next month will be filled with enviable travel pictures, content and videos all from the one mass of land that fills my heart with the greatest of joys. Blessed I am to also now call this amazing mass of land home. After officially saying goodbye to London last Friday and attempting to explain to my grandmother exactly how I’ll be making a living in Croatia every day since, the last few days have been anything but stable emotionally *insert pms here too*. This is always normal before I embark on a new journey and start all over “again” as my parents would say while rolling their eyes and wondering when the f%@k I’ll settle my wings and get married.

Before I get too sentimental and off track, let me first confirm that I’ll be updating this blog every few days with hotel & restaurant reviews, along with a photo diary & personal city guides, contributing to The Huffington Post and JetsetTimes (bi-weekly) and vlogging on my YouTube Channel. You’ll also be able to purchase my city guides from GPSmyCity, I promise they’ll be fun. I’ve also been working on a piece for Anna’s Friends on solo female travel as they launch a quarterly luxury magazine in early September, so stay tuned for that.  Depending on how I’m feeling and what feelings cross my mind, I may consider dropping another bomb of a post at Rebelle Society. I will also be collecting personal footage from my travels for a music video clip for a european music producer. Ahh fun times ahead and did I mention that I’ll have my best friend from Sydney with me throughout this journey? Ladies & gentlemen, you’ll enjoy looking at her.

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Incase you haven’t read it yet, I have reviewed one of Osijek’s best hotels, Hotel Waldinger. I’ll be spending a weekend at Adrenaline Park, Zlatna Greda with my little cousin and to be honest, I’m really excited about this. It will take me back to school camp, something I hated back when I was a teenager.

Image Credit | H2o Zagreb // Instagram


I’ll be calling Zagreb home once I slow my travels down and feel the need to “settle” and create a nest somewhere. I’ve got a few meetings lined up along the lines of tourism, fashion and start-ups that I am super excited about. I’ll be reviewing two hotels in Zagreb, Hotel Esplanade and Studio Kairos.

Image Credit | Stefan_Rodriguez_Photographies // Instagram

Plitvice Lakes 

Straight after Zagreb, my best friend and I are taking the bus down via booking through vollo.net to Plitvice Lakes and I need to confess that I am most excited about this place during our travels. I’ve never been here and if the pictures are anything to go by, it’s a place we’ll never forget and share in our memories forever.


I’ve visited Split twice this past year so I’m not too fussed to see it again but I know the buzz there during the crisp warm summer nights is what memories are made of. So maybe this encounter will be one to remember. No evenings must go to waste during this travel series.

Image Credit | ItalianVoyager // Instagram

Bol, Brac Island

Zlatni Rat is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and I can’t wait to get my bikini on there and also explore the town.

Image Credit | Croatian_Treasures // Instragram

Supetar, Brac Island

Staying one night in the centre of Supetar, the capital of Brac Island, I’m keen to spend some time chilling by the sea at a nice restaurant and rest up before my next two locations.

Image Credit | QGHigginson // Instagram

Hvar Island 

I’m confident this isn’t the first time you’ve heard the word “Hvar.” From the Old Town to Carpe Diem Beach to Blue Lagoon. I’ve never snorkelled in my life or used a GoPro either but at Hvar Island, I’m getting deep in that water and bringing out all the top tech gear.

Image Credit | Stefan_Rodriguez_Photographies // Instagram


Another location I don’t doubt you’ve heard of is the setting of Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik City. I can’t wait to explore the Old Town, totally immersed within it’s walls and then have dinner at sunset at the Panorama Restaurant. Hey, I’ve promised you good content and I’ve never under delivered with a promise.

Croatia Outfit Inspo 


After Dubrovnik I will be in Tivat, Montenegro for my sister’s wedding. There’ll definitely be plenty of content from Tivat also along with restaurant reviews. I know I know, I never stop eating haha Food is my life these days.

If you have any advice or recommendations on any locations I have mentioned above please leave a comment below or drop me an email.

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** Ps. I’m aware I have previously stated that I’d be travelling to Serbia and Bosnia during my Balkan Series but back when I wrote out my plans, I didn’t know that I’d be leaving London. I’ve decided to focus my attention on the Croatian market during this series and in the near future can always get a bus over to neighbouring countries.  

*** This trip is a Press Trip and majority of the links provided are affiliate links. Most of my accommodation / experiences and restaurant are complimentary but all have been tailored & approved of for my audience and branding.  

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  • Tony
    August 10, 2016

    jelly can’t wait for your posts
    You’ll be famous in croatia when you get in your bikini AK

    • Adriana Kuprešak
      August 10, 2016

      LOL! I highly doubt that as I seem to be attracting bugs that are in love with my blood and body so at the moment I look like a vicious skin disease waiting for it’s 5 minutes of fame. Hope you’re well xx

      • Tony
        August 10, 2016

        Hahahahaha you’re an idiot but I still love you AK

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