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I can’t really confess to any kind of love or connection to the city of Split, Croatia. But then again, I’ve only visited Split “properly” twice in the past 12 months, I haven’t really given it a proper chance to shine. This was obvious because in my schedule, I dedicated one day to Croatia’s second largest city, where the boys are taller, darker and bona fide good fun. I gave Split 24 hours of my attention before the island hopping began over the weekend and into the following week. I ended up staying an extra night in Split.

Maybe it was the summer time, that warmness in the air that was courting me to pay closer attention, maybe it was just the sound of busy, the tourists snapping away everywhere and chatting in languages from all over the world. Or the locals that I had encountered, attempting to connect with me and my half Croatian, half English absurd dialogue- Something about Split on this visit was different, third time’s a charm, as they say.


The historic centre of Split is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and was a 10 minute walk from our first apartment (maybe 20, in heels). Why the hell was I wearing heels in the middle of Split to begin with? For photos and video content and while I usually have a spare pair of flats, The Chanel bag I was borrowing off my best friend spared no room for anything other than my wallet and phone. Plus, who puts spare flats in a Chanel?

Adriana Kupresak | Where I Stayed & Where I Played | Split, Croatia

Split is known for it’s in/famous Hajduk Split Football club, beaches, fortress like exterior in the centre and the Diocletian’s Palace built by the Roman Emperor in the 4th Century. There’s a lot of historical and cultural observations in Split yet, one of the most visible is the fresh sea produce. Caught early morning in the Adriatic Sea, long before most are even awake on their summer vacations and sold to local restaurants in time for lunch and dinner. My favourite dish in Split is the octopus salad, naturally, partly because it’s almost impossible to find in the Slavonia region of Croatia and I make the most of this option when I am on the coastline. Another obsession of mine, as you’ll hear in many of my vlogs is truffle sauce, available extensively across the dalmatian coastline. Most restaurants buy their truffles from Istria, a region of Croatia internationally recognised for it’s truffles- So you’re in good hands if you’re a fan of truffle.


Hot boys, warm weather & suitcases full of clothes- Where do two girls formally regular furniture fixtures at Marquee in Sydney go out in Split? What a wonderful question. The answer is no where. We penned in plans to go out on Saturday night, clubs in Split start from 1am and while we set our alarms to get ready beforehand, we over slept our alarms. A similar story follows for Sunday evening also but instead we kind of kicked into “CBF” mode around 1130pm. This also meant that we didn’t miss our 9am boat the following morning so it was a win win for all. Split didn’t get a scandal and Brac Island received a pair of looney tunes craving truffle sauce and iced coffee.

Once upon a time we lived for the night, now we live for our beauty sleep.


Croatia’s city, Zadar is supposed to have one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. I haven’t seen that sunset in over 8 years so I can’t really remember however, the sunset in Split did a great job of showing off. How beautiful is this sunset?

Adriana Kupresak | Where I Stayed & Where I Played | Split, Croatia

Adriana Kupresak | Where I Stayed & Where I Played | Split, Croatia

You’ve got to excuse my lack of attention to detail with the random cup on the floor in these pictures, I’m usually a lot more diligent than that!

Adriana Kupresak | Where I Stayed & Where I Played | Split, Croatia

Adriana Kupresak | Where I Stayed & Where I Played | Split, Croatia

Adriana Kupresak | Where I Stayed & Where I Played | Split, Croatia

Here’s what our morning coffee view looked like from the terrace at Pizzeria Karaka by Bačvice beach where the staff became friendlier as I dropped my Croatian and started to communicate in English. As I’ve mentioned before, great service isn’t a common trait in Croatia but at least by the end of our breakfast we had a club to go to later that evening… that we didn’t show up to.

We booked one night through AirBnB last minute just before leaving Plitvice Lakes and decided to stay an extra night, which our host organised at another flat, closer to the city centre but with one insanely huge problem, the flat was a penthouse, up 4 flights of endless stairs. In theory, I have no problem with stairs but when you’re travelling with over 50kg of luggage each (Don’t ask why when we basically wore the same clothes anyway), it’s not any girl’s idea of fun.

Regardless of the first world problems, we still had a good time in Split, so good we failed to write down where we lived. Fortunately I was deep into my vlogging phase and documented the whole pickle and after 90 minutes of back tracking and sticking our key in every key hole on the main road of Split, we found our home… one of the first doors we put our key in but didn’t turn correctly. Emma and I swore we’d never bring up our stupidity again and forget the incident even happened.

Have you been to Split, Croatia? What were some of your favourite things to do there? Are there any bars or restaurants you can recommend?




  1. joshua
    1st October 2016 / 3:47 pm

    I watched your vlog when you first published it and it made me laugh so much I had to watch it again. You and Emma are hilarious together I bet you miss her heaps. Did you end up byeing that donkey? lol

    • 2nd October 2016 / 9:59 pm

      Haha Joshua, you’ve taken me back to one eventful evening where I still can’t believe we got lost in such a small diameter of an area!! I do miss Emma, we shared some incredible memories on this trip that brought us even closer together! How is that even possible?!
      No donkeys in my life at present, I’ll keep you posted though. xx

  2. 10th April 2017 / 7:11 pm

    sto puta si bolja kad ne pijes kao svinja

  3. .
    8th June 2018 / 3:55 pm

    Two different people you then to you now

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