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Adriana Kuprešak studied Fashion Business and Design at Sydney’s famous FBI Fashion College and has over 11 years of fashion industry experience. Starting her career in fashion, Adriana began as a sales assistant for David Jones not long before being scouted off the floor for a natural talent in visual merchandising. Throughout the years, Adriana divided her skill set and love for sales and merchandising, also freelancing for Visual Empire, a company dominating the visual creative scene in Australia. Adriana also assisted Colleen Cuneo, Founder of Cuneo Productions, Australia’s most renowned high end production and events company. She was also the first personal stylist for celebrities Didier Cohen and Jesinta Campbell before leaving Sydney late 2013 for a new European adventure.

Over the past four years, Adriana has cemented herself as a well known travel and lifestyle writer, splitting her time between Zagreb and Zadar all while writing about the missing pieces of her life in between. This blog walks the path of a very personal journey, one that focuses on the finer details of life in Croatia as a diaspora, where to visit & things to do in Croatia and the ever emerging gastronomy scene in the country. She will no longer review a bottle of wine however her husband is more than happy to!

While Adriana’s natural love for writing about Croatia is obvious, she is also very open about her former struggles with depression, alcoholism and trauma stemming from an abusive relationship.

Her widely read personal blog and impressive writing style has given her access to some of the world’s not so easy to access digital platforms for writers such as Lonely PlanetThe Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Jetset Times, Tiny Buddha and Rebelle Society. 

Adriana’s first hand experience and understanding of the world of blogging, social media and PR has enabled her to sit on the other side of the fence, one she much prefers these days. While managing this blog and frequently updating it with everything going on in her life, Adriana is also rapidly growing into one of the most respected Public Relations and branding specialists in Croatia for clients within Croatia who are seeking media coverage in UK, USA and Australian markets.



FAVOURITE QUOTE ☓ “The world is following your example on how to treat you.” Lisa Nichols

PERSONAL AESTHETIC ☓ Minimalistic & comfortable, with a few key pieces

INVITE 9 PEOPLE TO A DINNER PARTY DEAD OR ALIVE ☓ Lou Andreas Salome, Gabor Maté, Ariana Huffington, Lisa Nichols, Robert Greene, Brene Brown, Esther Perel, Christopher Hitchens & my mother’s father.