My true love for yoga wasn’t immediate.

The patience, persistence and dedication required was somewhat overwhelming for me. Last year I spent 4 months practising Bikram yoga but hated how I had to wash my hair after every class and the water retention it caused in my body. However, I did enjoy the mental willpower I developed to survive each 90 minute class, I always felt unstoppable…until I had to fit into my favourite jeans.

It goes without saying that this year has been a very sobering year for me and I’ve spent most of my time exercising, meditating and reading books. I’ve come up with a clearer vision of where I see my life heading towards in the next five years. As I started to silence my soul, my longing for a practice like yoga revealed itself. Most of my friends don’t understand what my fascination with yoga is and call it boring. I always tell them that with the right teacher, they’ll learn to love it.

My right teacher came along one Saturday morning at my gym and from the moment I met Katie Smith, Founder of MummUs Earth, I felt an instant connection. She taught yoga from a perspective of patience and focused on the spiritual side and alignment rather than pushing my body into positions that only discouraged it through fear to try again next time. I also loved the way she started each class with Angel Cards and each time I picked mine, they were always relevant to whatever was going on in my life at the time.  I decided to also purchase my own pack for my upcoming travels and just pulled out these three cards- Freakishly accurate for the momentum in my life right now.


As Katie and I grew closer as the Saturdays flew by, she invited me to a private 6 week workshop in her studio where she began teaching me yoga on a more one on one basis. This basically made me see and feel all the after affects of the drugs and alcohol I’d been abusing my body with over the years. It was time to heal on the inside and I was fortunate enough to come across a teacher who empathised with my motive.

Katie was the first yoga teacher I’d come across who wasn’t afraid to correct my posture and positions, who pushed me deeper in positions and helped me perfect my plank, something that I only recently perfected after weeks and weeks of patience & sore arms. At the start, my body literally refused to do yoga properly, it kept cheating, it wouldn’t stop cheating. Every move I did needed undivided attention and correction.

This was the price I paid after years of failing to look after my body.

I also never knew I was double jointed until Katie came along and corrected the way I positioned my elbows in a high plank because in the long run, I’d only injure myself.

I noticed how my body started to change as I slowly began strengthening my core with each practice. Of course, there were days where my body just didn’t want to do anything and I felt self defeated but I still went back. I wasn’t going to let an off-day interfere with my new love so I focused on the most important element of yoga, my breathing.

Since my teens I have been struggling with lower back pains that have only gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. After  1 hour of yoga, my lower back pain is no longer there. Yoga has changed the way I walk, I am more conscious of the way I sit at my desk or how I stand and better yet, it has reduced my cravings significantly.

Yoga has taken me to a happy place where I am patient, understanding and listening to my body.

After each class with Katie, I was given a beautiful and thoughtful goodie bag, a gift that all her students receive after each class. Katie is very passionate about natural products and happily introduces alternatives to superfoods, skin products, food and drink. I end each class with Jax Coco Water or use the coconut water in my fruit smoothie before my yoga class.  For snacking, especially while I’m working, I love the Raw Chocolate Goji Berries.


Growing up in Australia I was always familiar with Aesopwhich was founded in Melbourne Australia in 1987 but never really gave it enough attention. Since Katie’s goodie bag and introduction to the natural world, Aesop became a new favourite. I’ve been using the Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser and Rind Concentrate Body Balm religiously each day and can’t wait to use them on my summer holiday. I’m really loving the Rind Concentrate Body Balm in particular because as you may or not know, I use fake tan to keep my skin tanned in London and dry skin is the worst enemy of anyone who uses fake tan. I found that the Rind Concentrate Body Balm is best used in dry areas such as the elbows, this will definitely be a staple item come summer holidays.

Another product I am going to guard with my life during my travel series is Liz Earle’s SuperBalm that works as an emergency fix for dry areas. Claiming to be the ultimate “skin saver,” Liz Earle’s Superbalm boasts being used on lips, hands, nails heels, elbows and even dry hair. Pretty cool, smells beautiful too.

I was also given many samples from Neal’s Yard and became quite fond of the Wild Rose Hand Cream as my skin around my hands can get a little rough and this hand cream was tough enough to soften my hands. I also loved the Frankincense Intense Concentrate Cream which instantly made my face glow. After a hot shower I started to rub in a few drops of Weleda’s Wild Rose Body Oil for a subtle scent that soothes my skin.

Check out the MummUs Earth website on how you can get significant discounts on these products and more.

If you’re in London and looking for an excellent yoga teacher, I cannot recommend Katie Smith from MummUs Earth enough. She lives and breathes her positive ethos, spreading nothing but good vibes and love to those fortunate enough to know her. After our 6 week workshop one on one workshop, I feel like I have transformed into a whole new woman, one ready for the whole new world that is opening up for me. Each class with Katie left me with a stronger and brighter perspective about myself and the world around me.

The right yoga teacher has been the greatest gift to myself, my soul and my spirituality.




  1. Anna
    10th August 2016 / 4:33 pm

    So proud of you Adriana

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