European Best Destinations announced late this afternoon that Zagreb, Croatia’s capital has won the best Christmas Market in Europe for the second year in a row. Advent has become a huge tourist attraction for the city and is considered by the City Tourist Board as ‘the most important event in the capital.’ It’s also the perfect social get together for locals looking to catch up with friends and forget about the cold for a few hours while soaking in the festive season. 
Whether you’re looking to eat or drink something to keep your blood warm, there’s something for everyone from the traditional chrismassy mulled wine, specialised hotdogs and home-made fritule, a Croatian fried pastry, light and crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Heck, I even came across home-made sarma up in Strossmayerov Trg, an area of Zagreb that overlooks the city, what more can a person ask for? Cevapi, that’s one thing I haven’t mentioned and Martina Županić has brought her personal invention “ChevapRolls” to my favourite part of the city, Plato Gradec. For your information, ChevapRolls are simply cevapi wrapped in crepes. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!
The capital of Croatia is for sure the best destination to celebrate Christmas in Europe. During this time of year the magic is everywhere in Zagreb. Come and see for yourself why is the Croatian capital visited by an increasing numbers of tourists during the time of Advent; get to know its idyllic side and partake in themed programmes which take place on the streets and squares around the city centre.
 Just incase you haven’t been following my vlogs since the start of Advent in Zagreb, while there is an endless selection of food and drink, christmas gift ideas and plenty of entertainment daily, one of the city’s main attractions is the ice rink. Set in the beautiful King Tomislav Square, this million dollar idea is the centre of all attention and most breath taking in the evenings. The ice rink is open from 10am-11pm daily and there are experienced ice skating instructors to help you get comfortable on the ice. I personally, am terrified of ice but have promised my viewers on YouTube that I will ice skate once for the vlog, I can only begin my prayers from now and then.

If you’re visiting Zagreb for Advent and I highly recommend you do if you’re bouncing around in Europe, make sure you take a stroll through one of Zagreb’s eight and most beautiful parks, Zrinjevac that has been decked out in Christmas lights throughout. Your instagram won’t regret it.

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